Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Battle Royale

Miko Movie Recommendation

I remembered seeing this movie when I was in Poly but I don't remember where I have seen it or who I have seen it with. This movie, however, left a very deep impression in me.

It is a Japanese movie and I think the Japs have got really sick ideas sometimes. The plot of the movie is very original.

A class of 42 students was selected by the BR (Battle Royale) organisation to go through a survival game on a deserted island. They were each given a necklace, some food and a random weapon for the next 3 days on this island. They must then start killing each other and there will only be 1 survivor. At the end of 3 days, if there are more than 1 person alive, the necklace will explode and everyone will die.

Sick right? The students then started killing each other. They didn't know who is a friend or who is a foe anymore. Some friends decided to stick together but because of some misunderstanding they ended up killing each other. Some students cannot take the stress and killed themselves.

You will need some creativity here to kill 42 students to prevent the audience from falling asleep when watching the movie.

The movie is quite sadistic and gory. It is the kind of movie that May likes so I recommended her to watch. Unfortunately, I found out that this movie is actually banned in Singapore because of the violence. Too bad, either you get the pirated VCD or you watch online.

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