Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Stupid Yunalesca

I was terminated by Yunalesca 3 times on Friday night!!!

What the hell. Stupid Yunalesca! I was already at her third form and could have just killed her with another 2 or so overdrives but I casted the wrong thing on my member and 'quan jun fu mo'! Then the second time, all my parties were healed from the zombie status (forgot that one of them must be in zombie status) and Yunalesca casted mega-death on me and once again I quan jun fu mo!!

Stupid like hell.

So the third time into the fight, I do it slowly and blasted Yunalesca with my overdrives and aeons, killing her permanently!

I don't mind fighting her at all but before fighting her I have to go through a bloody long dialogue and that is very boring on the second/third time. Moreover, they spoke in a super slow tone. So I went to make papaya milk while they were talking.

She is sexy right? But too bad, she is also very stupid and loso.. Talked too much for her own good!

Although she is stupid, I kind of like the name Yunalesca. I think I will call myself yunalesca for all nicknames online now! Nice name right? woot~

BTW, I have beat the chocobo racing game at a best time of less than 0.00 secs finally! Actually I didn't beat it la, it was Lock who beat it!!! Anyway, I got the sun sigil!!


And you know what that means? That means Tidus will get his ultimate weapon, CADLABOLG! Shiok liao.. because this weapon can deal more than 9999 damage! and and.. and lots more!

Also, I got Rikku's ultimate weapon, GODHAND! That means I can use Gillionaire and make tons of money. I can use this money to bribe monsters!

Ok ok. .enough.. you all dunno what the hell I talking about. So I shut up now.


Anonymous said...

i playing old game jin yong qun xia zhuan now. those ppl's attack point so high n i got no training field. md

Miko said...

Then you must train your characters! Level up them!