Monday, October 08, 2007

Seven Swords

I can't believe it that I slept until 5pm yesterday. Maybe I am going to die from all that sleeping. On saturday, the performance ended at 10+ and as usual, the whole troupe went to Hougang for supper and for a short post-performance discussion. And as usual, Ang will scold those who make ridiculous mistakes in the show.

However, I think Ang is in a not so bad mood as she still can scold and laugh at the same time. I remained quiet during the supper. Too tired and sian to contribute to the discussion. Ang did state clearly that this will be the last time YL do dan. Think she wasn't too statisfied with YL's performance.

Then that night I slept at 2am.. and woke up the next day at 5pm! That was a record for me. My father said that I was very scary. Can sleep till 5pm like no day no night. Heck.. Then I woke up at eat my 'supposed-to-be-lunch' as dinner.

While eating my breakfast cum lunch cum dinner, I was watching Seven Swords online. The show is quite nice lor, unlike what my friends told me. They told me it's not good and I shouldn't see it when it was screening in the cinemas.

It couldn't be that bad if it's directed by Tsui Hark right.

I still think that the plot is quite interesting. The seven swordsmen were cool and their swords were pretty too. However, I think the colour scheme is too dull. All greyish and yellowish. I prefer to see a more colourful production like 'Hero'.

After watching 'Seven Swords', I went to Punggol Park to meet May and YH to la kopi. As usual, we talked about esplanade's service and the professionalism. Then we talked about how the people fared in the show.. and gossip abit here and there..

Tired.. super tired still. I think I can sleep on and on if no one wakes me up.

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