Saturday, April 28, 2007

Stupid Taiwan Mobile

For the past few days, I have been very pek cek over this stupid Taiwan Mobile service. YX was using this 'Taiwan Da Ge Da' telecom service and ever since he went back to Taiwan, his mobile phone line has been suspended TWICE.


Reason being that he did not pay his bills on time. PLEASE LOR... Need to be so efficient mah?? Late abit only need to cut off the line mah?? No reminders sent and immediately terminate the line.

Never mind.

I pester him go pay phone bills. After paying the bills, must wait for a bloody 3 DAYS to connect it back... -_-" What kind of lousy service is it.

So efficient to suspend his line and so slow in connecting it back. So I waited a good 3 days before I can call him again on his mobile. After that all was well until 3 weeks later his line kana suspended again. I was super pissed off.

"What happened again?! My god..."

"Line got suspended cuz I forgot to pay the bills again.."

"What?? Your bills come again just 3 weeks later????"

What the hell lor. This stupid Taiwan Mobile is chopping their customers like carrots. So once again I made him go pay his bills which this time he got reconnected after 1 day. 1 day is still slow in my opinion. I expected something like 5 minutes.

After he got his connection back, the next day, kana suspended again...

I blew my top and screamed,"WHAT THE HELL! I CALL U UNTIL I PEK CEK!"

"I dunno leh. I will call up and ask."

So the reason this time was network problem. And do you know that this happened 5 days ago???? Until now his goddamn phone still not connected. The network have not recovered. I dunno what these ppl are doing seriously. I was unable to call him for more than a week already and this Taiwan Mobile agreed to cut YX bills by half if this problem persisted more than 5 days. Please lor. I think they should just not charge him for that month. Cutting the bill by half is not enough ok.

Anyway, after much kping, I told him to change a telecom service company. Now he changed to another one I forgot the name.. but it belonged to the government.

And guess what. He applied for 2 days already his new line has not been connected yet...


I think I will ki xiao if I go stay in Taiwan with such lousy mobile service.

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