Tuesday, April 17, 2007

More about him

My fren, James, once again told me that I didn't write enough about my bf lor. haiz. Ok la.. I write more details of him, since he so interested.

As I said, he is a xiao hua lian.. meaning he is a clown graduated from Taiwan school of Performing Arts, Pekin Opera. But he not doing opera full time now la, got a proper job lor and doing buka in his free time. He is 28 and is from ah mei zu. Hahaha.. everytime talk about ah mei zu will remind me of May. Stupid May say that xiao hua lian is her little brother becuz she is also from Ah mei zu. She is an abandoned tribe member.

I must say that maintaining this LDR (Long distance relationship) is very siong for me. All the phone bills and air ticket bills are crazy. I have decided that I will got to Taiwan at MOST 2 times a year and at least once a year ba. Now, I am using a free IDD calls plan from M1 which reduced my bills alot. Thank goodness. Then, I bought IDD calling cards to call from home and that I can finish 10 cards in a month.

Erm.. what else to say about him? Oh yah, he knows how to do many tricks like magic, spitting fire.. acrobatic stuff lor.. cuz he go learn acrobatic stuff after he graduated from his xiao hua lian course.

Aiyah, what u want to know just comment la.. I dunno what to say. haha.. bye.. I need to go talk on the phone le.. no time to blog!


Anonymous said...

mk, finally you and yx is "exposed"... thats good... officially announced boy girlfriend relationship. dun worry la. Ang is ok with it. she is of no position to be angry or wat.. if yx treats u well, she be more than happy... as for bala, i cannot guarantee he will the same lor. u know la.. he mad mad one... tell my ahmeizu little bro that i will support him so long he is sincere at all times.. see i am not only a good friend, i am a good sister too.. ah mei zu one somemore..tho they abandoned me b4,

Miko said...

stress one lor.. u know when he come in MAy.. and I go see his show, i will be like... submerge again in gcb for 16 days. Ang will sure know one and I am sure she will be unhappy about it. That time we submerge at gcb for sj show she already buey song leh.

ur ah mei zu brother say he will bring u to hua lian to 'ren zu gui zong'. hahaha.. so now I know, ah mei zu live in hualian... u got to pick up the ah mei zu language also leh.

Anonymous said...

no wonder so long never blog la! got other distractions nor...

maybe can blog bout 'future plans' la... etc etc :Þ

got any more interesting news about him??


Miko said...

James.. hahaha.. u forever so funny lor. I also saw ur photo blog and I want to see you fly with the wind soon ok!

future plans and interesting news.. erm... ok.. I must think first. What can write, what cannot write.. Wait awhile lor. recently he very free, so I got to talk on the phone at night. wait till he got performance or he got OT then I will have time to blog.