Sunday, April 01, 2007

Always got dinner after COI

Dinner after COI again.... We always go dinner after COI... Wanted to eat steamboat, I suggest one but then the steamboat kopitiam was too crowded. Sian like hell. Then silly Bala say eat at another kopitiam with no steamboat.

Ang was very disappointed that she din get to eat steamboat. Haiz.. So we decided to go to Ang's house next week to eat steamboat. Hahaha..

Why is Nancy trying to act cute huh??

My god..
This silly YH tried to take photo of ang with her digi cam but she on her flash. So she attracted Ang's attention when she took her photo.

Introducing our new member, Bao Hua, the one in red and white strips...

Wonder y ZX luffing so happile.. is it because of ZQ poking her? hahaha

Then the food arrived!! Yummy! Well, ang is not very happy about missing the steamboat.

And introducing my very loyal blog reader, Ah May, she claimed to have read ALL my blog entries! wah seh... and she is also my regular blog topic . I think she appear in about 70% of my blog entries. Hahaha.. She should be honoured.

But unfortunately, my loyal reader refuse to let me take photo of her with her weird lampshade top. It's not nice lor. look like pregnant woman.

Susan joined us but she has to buy her vegetarian food somewhere else lor. She that time brought us to this vegetarian kopitiam at hougang the food was quite nice. Especially the roti john. Nice. Next time go again.

After dinner, Ang was playing with the little umbrella which came with our Pai gu wang. She was singing 'yi zhi xiao yu san' then I dunno why she sudenly put the little umbrella on Bala's ears.... Eeeeee... ugly lor.


After dinner we still sit at the kopitam chitchat until 11+ pm leh... shag. We talked about the mhy's news also.. talk until my and May whole stomach of fire lor. Pek cek..

Glum faces.....

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