Friday, April 27, 2007


Tomorrow, 4 members of SL will be going to China for training. How nice. They will be there for 2 months to learn the Nanyin traditional instruments. Yday, I went for Nanyin practice which was my last nanyin practice before they go to xiamen.

After my class, Steven ask me go for supper. At first I didn't want to go cuz I scared they drag too late but finally, I decided to join in as I realised that I won't be seeing them for another 2 months.

Eating at our usual kopitiam.

After eating... We were chatting and it was raining like hell. Ling ling was sick and she wanna go home so we didn't stay there long.

Steven was looking forward to leaving Singapore and excited to learn his beloved 'dong xiao'.

"Wish u xue cheng gui lai hor..."

"I hate it when ppl tell me xue cheng gui lai. 2 months so short. How to xue cheng gui lai?"

"Ok lor.. I also think that you will flop lor.. When you come back and play your dong xiao, no sound come out."

"Yah la.. and Mei E cannot control her hands when she play pipa. Then this upgrading plan flop lor."

"good la.. just bring some goodies back from China can le."

"Give me money."

"Pi la... "

Then he started doing all those ah gua movement, imitating those dans. Crappy lor. Then he fumbled when he tried to hold up his glass of coffee with the last finger like the above photo. hahaha...

While we talked, the other 3 were listening in a very bored expression. They were staring into blank space. look at Li Na.. My god..

Li Na is obsessed with giraffes. Everything around her got giraffes. Key chain la.. T-shirts.. soft toys..
And Mei E also give a super sian face.

After awhile, the rain stopped and we left the kopitiam to take MRT home. On the way there, I saw this nice nice post box.

Look.. cute or not?

Poor Ling Ling took a cab home lor.. she was too sick. Oh yah.. she also got a blog leh. I going to link her blog to my opera blog.. :D

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