Wednesday, May 02, 2007

New Look

Nothing to do.. Didn't know what to blog, I decided to change my blog's looks abit.

I can't be bothered to change the whole HTML so I used the convenient way, the Blogger's editing function. Easy, just drag and drop. heh.

This Sunday, we might get a chance to watch the charity show live at the Mediacorps Studio but I know that we will be seated far behind and we won't be able to see anything much. Actually it's better to watch at home. Sharp and clear but since most of them are going, I will tag along.

Do not worry, I don't think we will do anything like screaming our heads off,"We will always support you!"

Nor will we whistle... nor will we give flowers.. nor will we make banners and wave with light sticks.

Anyway, if you happened to be at home on 06 May, please switch on your TV to watch Yi Xin Yi De charity show.

I won't force you to donate. Just watch will do.


juanjuan said...

sorry, wat time is it?

Miko said...

Er.. I think it's around 7pm lor. TV got ads, u didn't see the ads?

juanjuan said...

long time didnt watcg TV.. haha.
Oh, 7pm... still not home yet :(

fr said...

nice MikoLah picture

Anonymous said...

ur opera blog header pic is from where? looks familiar leh... md

Miko said...

FR: Thanks oh!

MD: That pic is my all time favourite 'MuDanTing' lor.. nice right..