Thursday, April 19, 2007

Tomb sweeping

I was blogging this entry halfway the other day when my phone rang. So I stopped blogging halfway and chatted on the phone until very late. So now, I am going to reblog this tomb sweeping day.

As usual, we were super early. Tired like hell leh. It was a saturday and I woke up at around 4.30am. We were supposed to meet up with the other relatives at the tomb by 5.30am. Abit kiasu lor. when we reached the cemetry, there was nobody else at all. haiz.. then in that case, we could have gone later lor.. So tired.

What is this? So dark.. cannot see anything... oh.. it was my mum cleaning the tomb. Every year, the adults are in charge of cleaning the tomb and we only sit there and chat. After everything is done, we will just pray.. and wait for them to finish burning the incense paper.

Well, the cousins queued up to pray. Last year I also got blog about tomb sweeping leh but I remember that last year I got bring my digi cam. This year, i just took with my hp. Lazy.

My sis just sit around and eat her bread. Cant be bothered with anything else.

We, the cousins, started chatting about boliao things like school, work and gossip about other relatives.. hahaha.. Every year we only got 2 gatherings lor, chinese new year and tomb sweeping. Our tomb sweeping gathering like less and less ppl. haiz.. nowadays ppl just cant be bothered ba.

The sun started to come out. cool ya.. See the tombs.. so peaceful. One day I will be lying in a place like this, sleeping peacefully for eternity.

Then I spotted one of my cousins showing magic tricks to my aunt. She started learning magic tricks from her bf lor but she is not so pro yet la.. cuz my aunt totally blur when she showed her the trick. Think my aunt dun really know what was going on.

But then she got something nice to show us.... a deck of PINK cards!! So sweet right..

Aiyoh.. so nice. I also want pink cards leh!

The last step of our tomb sweeping event will be burning the incense papers. Haiz.. I never burn incense paper lor cuz its too hot and too dusty.

Qian jin xiao jie mah as usual, so are my other cousins.

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