Monday, April 02, 2007

Voice of an Angel

Have you ever heard the voice of an angel? Today I don't know why but suddenly a name appeared in my mind out of nowhere.

Charlotte Church.

Nothing to do with Charlotte's web ok. Charlotte Church was born with an angel's voice. So sweet and beautiful. She started singing since 5 years old and I think she continued to catch ppl's attention with her powerful voice.

I remembered downloading a song by her "Dream a Dream" but I lost that mp3 already. Now, I can't find it anywhere but I found the music video instead. She was singing this duet with another younger boy. I think that boy has a wonderful voice too.

She was singing soprano for some time then she suddenly started singin pop songs. Haiz.. then i think the pop songs she sang are not as good. She was born with this kind of voice and I think she should make use of it rather than singing pop songs. Her pop songs were average only.

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