Sunday, April 22, 2007

Steamboat Party

We are always having steamboat I dunno why. My troupe just like to eat steamboat lor. So we organised a steamboat party at Ang's house. ZX was very happy about it i dunno why. She say she just love to eat lor.

So early in the morning at 8+, May set off to the market near my home to buy food. She met my mum, ZX and Qiuyue. Regarding the details of the market, I will not blog cuz May is going to blog it herself. 4 Obasan in the market incident.

After COI, we all went to Ang's house which is so packed with people and so bloody hot.

The sumptuous food! May they all prepared alot of food for the event and we have got 2 pots. She even made dumplings which at first she don't want to make because it was too troublesome. Eventually she made some cuz ZX asked her to. ZX got face lor. YX wanted to compete with May to see who can make better shui jiao but May say she will win becuz she cook much more often than YX. Oh no... YX better dun disgrace himself lor but I still want to eat the shui jiao he make.

Walking around snapping photos, I saw this group gathering in the kitchen.

What are this group of aunties doing? All staring into the sink. hmmm. Let's move in to have a closer look.

Oh, it was QY trying to open a can of mushrooms with a knife! Aiyoh.. We realised that Ang mistook a cork opener to be a can opener so QY got no choice. She 'chopped' open the mushroom can.

ZX in a very very good mood.. luffing all the way like mad.. really like mad lor. And she is now very careful of me cuz she found out that I have been blogging her photos. hahaha..

Nancy is holding my favourite big bai cai. She very da fang lor. I say I want to take photo she will pose for me.. :P

The soup is now ready and everyone started throwing in all the food.

Everyone crowding around the table waiting for the food to be cooked. Silly bala tried to squeezed in but he can't so he had to wait until everybody has finished fishing out the food then he can started fishing.

Throughout the whol event, Ah may was also taking photos for her upcoming blog. While taking photos, she kept mumbling to herself the brillant lines she want to blog. For example she may take a photo of me talking to other ppl and then mumble to herself,"Look at this Miko, gossiping again as usual."

Mad or wat.

Ta dah.. the owner of the flat, Miss Ang. Cooking in another pot. One pot will not be enough for about 20 of us lor.

May was very busy throughout the session becuz she has to prepare the food, do the neccessary arrangements etc. she is the hot pot cum bbq expert ok.

Poor susan, the vegetarian cannot eat anything. She had her dinner before coming so she can just sit there and drink.. and chat. At first she wanted to bring her own pot but she tot it was troublesome and changed her mind to eat outside first before coming. Susan, we will prepare vegetarian food for u one lor. We are very nice ppl.

After almost everyone has finished eating, May then started to eat to her fill alone. Had the pot ALL by herself.Hahaha.. guess who is this? This is Nancy! Cute right..

May did a very weird pose with her crab lor. Everybody already ate to their fill, only left May to eat the leftovers.. :P poor may...

After dinner, it's wine time! My mum joined in the fun! WX is poor drinker leh.. her face becomes very red after awhile. MD also.. no xing xiang liao.

May asked bala to get a glass of coke for her but this bala pour coke into a bowl and told her that there weren't anymore glasses. Haha... May look very stupid to drink coke from a bowl. Somebody commented that she looked like drinking medicine.. cuz coke is black some more.....

Time to pack up!When I took this photo, I luffed out loud.. "Bala.. why u as black as the sofa???"

May and ZX competing wine drinking. but why is May's cup so big?? like not very fair.

After everyone is done drinking, Ang told us to sit down to talk to us. She gao tan kuo lun, gave us a magnificient speech on maintaining harmony within our troupe. Must be 'he qi'. if got any arguments, settle in peace. If not she will settle for us. Something like that. I forgot her exact words. Then at this moment, I saw...

May is calculating the dinner's cost and collecting money from all of us. Gan gan do this when ang is giving her speech lor.

Everyone was looking at what this YH is doing. She took a bottle of Cordon Blue and walked towards the shelve. We all tot she gonna put it back since no one initiated to drink it but to our utmost surprise, no lor.

She changed it to another bottle.

She took out this bottle of red wine.

Everybody pai pai zuo... with this Nancy half dead.

So nice and co-operative right.. zx and qy mopping Ang's kitchen... That is what ang want to see lor.. co-operative work. Then i noticed there is pink colour mop.

Cute right... pinkish mop.

Haiz.. this has been a super long blog. Took me 2 days to write. MD only wrote a few lines but I think May and YH should be writing alot ba...

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