Thursday, April 19, 2007

May's Bday~

Today is May's bday lor and she received flowers. How nice right? Haha.. I am not afraid to let you laugh but I have NEVER received flowers in my whole life before.. Woo hoo!

I was in a lousy mood today cuz I had a little fight with yx.. Actually it's not a fight la.. more like I reprimanded him for somethng. So I am feeling very pek cek. felt like killing someone.

So I asked May after work where she is going to celebrate bday.

MAY: Meeting YH for dinner.

Very good lor may, no jio. Pek cek.

She say she paiseh cuz yh treating her dinner.

Dunno she paiseh wat lor, anyway she asked me to join and yh ask me to join in treating May dinner.

I arrived at Buangkok and went to YH's void deck. I spotted May sitting against the wall in a very straight pose with her hands on her knees. What the hell.. Taking passport photo issit.

She still dare to tell me that the teenagers sitting opposite her were glancing at her occassionally while chatting.

Me: Ppl think you are ghost lor. Suddenly just walk there with your long hair like that and just sit down there so straight staring straight into blank space.

May: Ya ya.. so funny, they were stealing glances at me!

Me: They must be thinking why they so suay, see this of 'la sap' things.. hahahah.

I think the teenagers must have tot may is a weirdo until I joined her and we started chatting. Then May regained her 38 self.

We waited for YH who was at home, still smsing May if I arrived and where am i.. etc. Extra.

As usual, went to YH's famous kopitiam at block 436 to eat crabs. I forgot to take pictures during the dinner to blog leh. Pek cek. I was too irritated over YX so I totally forgotten about taking photos. So too bad lah, have to listen to my narration.

As usual we were eating yu tou lu.. and I ate all the da bai cai. I spotted YH throwing a piece of bai cai away. Very good lor yh. throw away my fav veg. When I pointed it to her, she simply say its just a very 'nan chi' piece of hard hard stem lor.

The stem is not hard lor. Already cook until so soft le.

Later after dinner, when walking back to YH's place, I exclaimed that I didnt take any photos for my blog leh... So May gave me this silly pose.

Ok, this photo is good, May dun look ugly and YH dun look fat.. please hor yh, dun blog my fatty photos. sian.

May was kping to yh that she did not blog her brillant sentence word by word. She was saying that YH did not blog the durian session with YX properly. She tot that the entry could have been more interesting.

Well.. Again, YH told her that she should set up her own blog to blog her own brillant sentences lor. And not always tell us what to write. We were abit sick to listen to her comments about our blog.


See that everybody. May is going to finally have a blog. We finally got the chance to see her brillant sentences and she can stop to tell us what to blog! She got too fed up with us for not blogging properly and not typing out all the juicy parts of our outing. Wahahaha.

We are all waiting for you to start your own blog mah. You know.. We are sure that your blog will be super interesting lor. Please dun give up ur blog after 3 days of blogging hor... I will make it a habit to read your blog before I start work everyday ok.

So Just not May went to play MJ at YH house in a good mood. She say that she will treat me this weekend if she win money. I tot that she will be quite wang cuz today is her bday mah. Who knows she lost her mj session lor. So sad..

Woo hoo.. So, after reading this entry, please go sign up for a blog ok? Dearest may. Hahaha :D

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Kongming said...

May blogging ah!!! Longing for tat...