Tuesday, April 17, 2007

My Boyfriend and Me

After much struggle I decided to blog about my boyfriend. Hahaha.. Actually, I dun like ppl to know about my relationship but this time I bobian lor. I want ppl to know thru me and not thru other ppl so I told my mum, told my dad, told Ang.. and I think Ang wasn't very happy about it. Nevertheless, she knew it from me and that's good.

I dun want ppl to talk behind my back ok.. like that 'someone'.

Ok, back to the topic, my bf is a guy of course.. hahahaha..

If you are a sensitive reader of YH's blog, you would've seen him before lor. YX aka Xiao hua lian, he was very happy when I told him I will blog about him. Hahaha.. Cuz I told him before that one day I will blog about him if he is worthy enough to appear in my blog.

Yah yah, I know he is a bu ka and I know that going out with a bu ka will attract gossips to me. I have maintained my low profile and my gossipless status for a long time and I was very much afraid that our relationship will attract gossips. Haiz. Especially aunties. I am not famous, not famous at all. I am just a sub-standard dan in ang's troupe. I dun even fare well in her performance lor but still ppl will recognise me as Ang's student. I can imagine them telling ang,"Aiyoh... I saw ur student and a bu ka behaving intimately leh... Neh... your that hua dan student lor, long hair one.. tsk tsk. why get mixed up with this kind of ppl..."

Bu ka is not human meh. What the hell lor. What is "this kind of ppl"?

I type liao also pek cek.

Well, initially I hesitated to accept him, partly becuz I scared of gossips, partly becuz he is far away in TW. I dun really trust someone that far away lor. However, he was very sincere and persistant. Remember that when he came GCB to perform it was Chinese New Year.. He said he wanted to come my home to bai nian. Well, I tot he will be coming with his frens but in the end he came alone. He was abit paiseh at first but then he still came. My mum got a good impression of him tho she commented that he look very fierce. Yah lor. He look like gangster. Hahaha...

And during the period he stayed in SG, he did quite a few things which touched me a little so I decided to give him a chance. Hehe.. but I still got my doubts la.. Chou nan ren lor, later go back tw disappeared.

Anyway, until now, so far so good. He came to SG to visit me as mentioned in YH's blog.

Steal a photo from her blog la...

And we ate durian...

As a xiao hua lian he entertained me alot lor, doing stupid things. I always ask him do monkey.. in the MRT station.. and he told me he will let me kick him and he do qiang bei when he come sg again. First time got chance to kick someone and make him fly. I rather excited leh.. sick right.

Haiz, my only concern is.. Ang is still unhappy about us, I think. She will object and I expect her to approach me soon. I dun understand really. Does profession and nationality matters??? Mad or wat. Most importantly is he treats me well, right?

Ok la, I stop here. cuz my good fren, James, is waiting to read about him.


Anonymous said...

pls lor mk, ang will not be that sick to talk about y.x with u lAR...dun be too worried..maybe they just like to gossips cos they too free..who to be with is up to u and she definately kw that she dun have the power to do so lor..yh

Miko said...

u dun understand lor.. yh.. haiz. even if ang dun mention, bala will also mention and kp one. just like when he kp to may. And u dun think Ang will just bochap. no lor.. remember the airport issue? remember the lj issue? she all got chap and she actually go tell may that she want to 'tan ting' who is yx.

she dun have power to seperate us but she got power to be pek cek with me.