Monday, March 26, 2007

BBQ session again

Except for ktv, our next best enjoyed activity will be BBQ ba... Seems like we have been having a lot of BBQ sessions.

I met YH at her home there at 1.30pm to take 88 together to Pasir Ris. On the bus, she called May and happened to ask her about how is the preparation of food going on. May said that they havent prepared and YH asked why??? So late liao.. hungry like mad lor. Hahaha.. stepped on May's toes liao. She kana scoldings from May. Think May must have had a hard and long day preparing the food.

At Pasir Ris, we met Yuzhen to share cab to Downtown East.

As mentioned, nothing was prepared yet. Ppl who already arrived were cutting fruits la.. talking la.. preparing food la..

Our new member, Joanne, cutting up fruits for making fruit juice. YZ say first time go BBQ got ppl prepare fruit juice one lor. Hahaha..

Bala is super ai tu.. So he got to go Hougang to fetch Ang.... Hahaha..

We are very bad lor.. While the others were preparing food, we went to kopitiam to drink kopi.. oops. Cuz YH was a bit hungry, she ate 2 eggs there. We chatted abit and spent around an hour there.

See this YZ's face.Act cute or wat.. hahaha.. then we went back to the chalet room and we saw that susan has arrived. She was reading comics and see what Ang was doing.. writing script. Super hardworking lor. Bobian lor. The zhen jia dai fu script havent finish writing, we are going to rehearse it soon.

The bbq session started at around 6pm. I din take a photo of May lor cuz u know why?? Hahaha... cuz she never draw her eyebrows..

QY made her na shou hao cai... Bacon with asparagus. Yummy. It was nice! I think YH likes it too. well.. MAY, u learn to make it leh... without using the pit can? Then me and YH got your house eat la... :P

Please dun think we are bullying may. It's becuz only she is interested in cooking. Me and YH are not interested to go into the kitchen.

Miss tan also tried to make the bacon and asparagus sticks..

The bbq pit full of food...

May ask me to blog this. Once again telling me what to blog.. This is Miss Tan fanning desperately at the fire.. I dunno why she was doing that already.. think she trying to make the fire bigger to cook those sweet potatoes.

This silly Nancy stuffed a towel under her t-shirt to pretend to be pregnant lor.. Mad or wat... but then after stuffing the towel in, she and Bala look like 2 pregnant women standing together! hahah.. can imagine how big is bala's tummy.


Anonymous said...

mk, I can do it with my toaster lor.. next time you all come my house, i make for you all la... I am a good friend lor.. i will "satisfy" all your needs....hahaha

Miko said...

Yes de, we all know u are a good friend and u always satisfy our needs. We are very grateful one lor.. right yh?