Tuesday, January 02, 2007


On last saturday after COI, I met up with a few ex polymates. I met up James and Junhua first at the foodcourt of Bugis. We had dinner there, Junhua recommended the Jap food. It's quite nice but the sashimi was ex. While eating, we can enjoy the chef slaughtering the salmon.. cutting them up into pieces.

That's me and Junhua.

You can see that James tou tou mo mo took alot of my ugly photos. Think he wanted to blackmail me with these photos lor.

After eating dinner, we went Minds Cafe but that cafe is like full house. Full house until cannot full house. So I left my number and the waiter told me that we should get a table by 10.30 ba. We tot ok lor, since it is only about 1.5 hours. We went to Parklane to play games. I wasn't very interested to play World of Warcraft but Jun Hua pyscho me to play. Since I got nothing much to surf, I gave it a try.

Miko: I want to use a pretty character lor, like maybe a princess? or queen?
Junhua: no lor, me and james are using the ox as characters so you have to use ox to join us.
Miko: wah lau eah.. I want to use pretty character leh.. The ox like so ugly.

In the end I used the ox and I named it 'Uglycow'. It is so damn ugly lor.

At around 10:30pm, Lock came to the lan shop to find us and we made our way to Mind Cafe.

Still no table.. Dammit.

So we left again and stood outside the cafe for a long time talking nonsense about opening an escort company. Lock say he want to go meet a woman call Margaret. Margaret, what an auntish name. Lock admitted that she is an auntie. Aiyoh... meet what auntie.. talk kok with us better right. Then Lock suggested that we go to a KTV call 'Dynasty'.


The sound of the name you can almost see that it is a dirty KTV but lock claimed that it is clean and it is cheap. We walk walk walk to the KTV but then changed our mind to go eat chicken rice.

what?? eat again??? Cannot lor, I will become very fat. So I didn't eat with them.

Lock and James. Trying to be funny.

James took this when I wasn't noticing.

Jun Hua


Erm.. very artistic photo of the chicken rice.. ARe you hungry???

I dunno why but these 3 guys like to decorate their chicken rice artistically...

Bai bai nen nen white chicken.. I blog until I hungry liao...

Junhua also decorated his chicken rice with chilli some more.

Lock love his chicken rice....

Suddenly I recieved a call from Mind cafe telling me that there is a table for us le. YEAH~ so good.. So we went to Mind Cafe which is around 12am already...

We started off playing Blokus.

Lock is an expert in such games. He always win one and I always lose one but whatever la.. just play...

James and me.

Palying.. I am the red one, lock is the blue one, Junhua is the green one and James is the yellow one. As you can see, Lock, Junhua and me all used the same tactic to move the same way but James, the yellow one, was moving another way. He is new to the game la. So he used a different tactic but he quite powderful cuz he won the second round. For the above round, Lock the expert won.

We then move on to play Citadel. The watitress explained the rules to us and we played the first round dumbly. After that we played a second round more intelligently. After the second round, it was 3am, the cafe was closing. Too bad.

Tot we will be going home?

Junhua bought a set of Citadel and we went to SMU to play.

We bought some water and headed to the benches at SMU.

James taking photos again.. I faster run run RUN!

Crazy lock.. He is ony crazy kia I tell you. He was eating this mashed potato from 7-11 but he didn't buy any water. Then when he finished the potato, he used the cup to hold banana milk! Mad or wat... He still tell me the banana milk taste like banana, potato and oily at the same time.


really is mad or wat..

Arrggh... wat is so scary???? Nothing lor.. but James is taking photos but I dun want to let him capture my face at 3+ am.. a face that is like not been washed for the pass dunno how many hours.. I can't stand my own face lor.

James tried his stunt again and I used my cards to hide my face..

Then James managed to catch me on camera.... I din notice him taking this tho...

we continued to play and play and play until..

Until 7:30am! It is starting to get bright at the background.. I didn't know that it was 7am already.. I was dead lor.. Half dead.. First time play game throughout the whole night.. My god..

After that they still suggest to eat breakfast but I was dead la.. I need to go home shower and SLEEEP~~


Anonymous said...

luckily james got read yr blog. otherwise u still boringly duno do wad rite... hah


Miko said...

hahaha.. yah james.. dun try to pretend to be someone else and complimenting urself at the same time ok...