Sunday, January 28, 2007

KTV session again

This KTV session happened quite long ago but I didn't have a chance to dl my photos and so.... i delayed the posting till now. I already quite forgotten what happened that day but I remembered that it was Ang's friend's birthday and all of us went there to celebrate her bday. Strange right...

YH and May came to pick me up at my place by Taxi and we all arrived at Bedok at around 4pm. We sat at the Hawker there to drink abit. DLQ told us not to eat cuz we will get to eat at the whoever's house. Hmm.. Anyway, the 3 of us shared a plate of oyster omelette.

Then we met Tian and went up to the flat.

When we arrived there, we saw that Ang was already there. She was chit chatting with her friends. Of cuz, the 'ai tu's were there too.

Then, we noticed something..

YH: Miko, you see something?
Me: Ya.
YH: The food is all finished lor, dlq still tell us to eat here. Fortunately we shared some oyster omelette. Haiz..

So we all sat down and gossiped as usual.

Dunno what they talking about. Oh yah... seeing MD reminds me of something.. I gonne blog it another time.

After talking for some time, the caterer arrived and started to set up the second round of food.

Me: Oh, they got 2 rounds of food. Tot they already finished eating.

After the birthday celebration. Ang keep asking Richard what's the next program. So Richard organised a KTV session.

Ang started off the first round of singing as usual. She is the singing queen mah.

My sis decided to dance.

Laughing hysterically. i forgot why already.

Tian tian... Tian tian

Wah lau eah.. I got super round face...

May... face black black..

My mum's turn to sing. She must frown when she sing ma? hahaha

Hmm.. Now that ang is gone, no more coi, I feel really very sian. Tomorrow, James say wanna take photos for me. take some nice ones then I can use them when needed. He ask me to think up of some poses but I haven't think.

Hee hee... I got some other things to post but that will have to wait till tomorrow and I am going to tell the story of MD.

MD.. Worried or not? I going to 'bao' your 'ba bing'. WAHAHAHA!

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Kongming said...

wow a blog on me ah! very honored leh! put more of my pic hor :P