Sunday, January 28, 2007


Recently I seldom online and seldom go out. What have I been doing? Playing FFX!

FF = Final Fantasy is the best of best game I ever played! It is the only game that I can play day and night, night and day non stop. I just love this game so much. So much so that I bought the original game, which cost around $70.

When I am not playing the game (when I am eating or travelling), I will be reading the guidebook, which cost me about $27, or searching for more game info on the net. Recently. I am hooked on FFX. Yesterday I played FFX from around 12+ am all the way to 6+am! No need eat, no need sleep liao.

Play until I fall sick. Recently no voice and got flu, constantly feel dizzy and tired.

Final Fantasy is a series of RPG games. Starting from FF 1 all the way to the last one, FF12. FFX = Final Fantasy 10.

The characters were beautiful designed and the story is very touching. The graphics were cool and realistic. Very shiok to watch... MY god!!!

Amai and gang crazy over hana kimi. I am crazy over FF.

Let's see..

I will show you all the very handsome Tidus. He is the male lead of the game. A young lad. Very rash type and childish at first but slowly, along the game, he grows up to be more matured.

Isn't he handsome???? awwww..... Not close enough to see his face? Click it lah.. see the graphics so nice.

A close up of Tidus then..

Then, let me introduce the very pretty Yuna, female lead.

Pretty like hell.

Yuna is a summoner in the game. Erm.. guess it will be pointless to explain what is a summoner. Anyway, her dress is pretty cool.

Romantic picture of my male and female lead. I havent play to this part yet so I don't know why the 2 of them are in the water. They look so sweeeeet right... aw....

The guy is Seymour. I dunno if he is a good guy or what but he looks like a typical FF bad guy. The bride here looks like Yuna.. Yuna likes Tidus one.. how come she marry Seymour..

One of my favourite characters. She is Lulu, the magic user. Like her hairstyle alot. So cool~

Rikku~ She is cute right. In the story, she is like a thief. Everytime steal things from enemies.

Khimari~ Looks fierce right but he is actually a loyal guardian of Yuna.

Auron. A powerful striker. He promised Tidus's father to take care of Tidus.

Wakka, Tidus's good friend.

15 hours into the game le.. Now I am building up the stats of my characters. A slow process. I have to go around killing monsters to increase the stats of my characters.

I just found a picture of a kissing scene! Awww.. I haven't play to this part yet but hmm.. first time got kissing scene appear in FF.

I play game too much that I can't recover from my sickness. Gotta rest more but when I am at home, I will play game! Oh no.. And after FFX, I plan to playFFX-2. Which is a part 2 of FFX. Hahaha.. yay!

I remember last time when I played FF8, I felt so lost and empty after I completed the game. Days like becoming very boliao.. So I went to search for other fun RPGs but so far, FF is still the best RPG I played.


Anonymous said...

wowow!!! very nice graphics!! When i recovered from my hana fever, i shall try this.. kekek.. teach me then oki?!xj

yanhong said...

yes i agree...the picture really very nice and real..

Miko said...

Woah~ Never expect anyone to comment cuz I never come across any gamers in the opera circle wor~ but I am happy got ppl share same tots as me!

XJ: Most willing to lend u a hand in it...

YH: want to try?