Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Today I met up with James to get a software at AMK. Haiz. I few hundred years never use that software so I basically forgot how it worked. 3D studio Max! Arrgghh.. I hate modelling when I was still schooling. Animating was fun but modelling sucks.

James gave me this trial verison which can only be used for 30 days.

I tried just now and I realised that I have totally lost it lor.. Fortunately the interface was still familiar. Lazy to go and explore that software again.. haiz.

Today I am a bit mad lor, I went to buy PS2. A modified verison, cost me $269. Haiz. I can foresee that I will have some more boliao days ahead. PS2 will company me to sleepy during these rainy days. PS2 will company me when I am down. PS2 will company me when I am unwell.

I know I very slow to buy PS2 now but I wanted to find my PS2 game before buying the console mah. I bought this PS2 game very long ago and when I move house, I pack it into a carton and put it in the storeroom. I wanted to find that game before buying the PS2 but till now I didn't find the game lor. Pek cek like hell. I spent $69 on that game lor.

Anyway I bought a PS2 but now I have to wait for 3 days before I can collect it. Exciting right? hahaha..

Boliao life mah.. Stagnant and boliao.. I suddenly feel like very lonely like that.. Sianz...


Anonymous said...

haiz... u not lonely lor.. i more lonely than you... every since i joined opera, i seem to "lose" all my friends. now i am only left with opera friends. maybe i should find something else to do other than opera.

Miko said...

That is May right? It sounds very 'May' lor.

I also lonely leh. Though most of my friends are still around but I still kind of empty. I dunno whether its becuz of the lack of performance. No motivation like that.

What do you want to do besides opera? erm, learn cooking? I want to play PS but playing PS won't let me get know more ppl. I want to know more ppl.

Anonymous said...

may be u r suffering fr post-performance blue? cos we are usually super-occupied and involved when preparing show. so once over, our soul, mind and heart got nothing to clinch on...

Last time whenevr i hanged out so much with opera friends/ or got involved in many opera practices, outings, gossips, hairpcs etc.. i would feel super-super moody once the show is over and no new ones coming up. The feeling was really terrible - down and lonely...

Lucky i got over with such liao. i think opera is too addictive.xj

Miko said...

yes de... I think you are right lor xj.. and u know what? May, YH and me, we are all suffering with the same signs... Haiz. I dunno what happened to us leh. All of us sianz and depress together.... MY GODZ!

Anonymous said...

we can always play mahjong when sianz mah! imagine pong, chi and hu taking away your worries~ dong nan xi bei occupying your hands full time~ cat mouse chicken and centipede suddenly so impt for few hours.. then all sian-ness gone juz lidat~ your brain oso become smarter and quicker after few hours of mahjong.. "ping hu, qing men, zi muo! wu tai man! ho ho ho~"

nvm la. i play ps2 with u~ hah

Miko said...

I dunno why is it that i am surrounded by Mahjong goers lor. Yh always ask me to learn to play mj also. haiz. Sian bo. Already suay like hell still want to play mj and lose money again. Then I will have double depression.

I can imagine May and Yh nodding their heads when they are reading your comments lor James.

U play PS2 with me lah.