Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The wine bottle and the cork

I know May has been waiting for me to blog this. The amazing story of......


Hee hee....

One Saturday evening, after COI, we went to AMK coffee shop to eat dinner with almost the whole class of students. At first we wanna go somewhere to drink after the dinner but then the dinner ended quite late cuz as usual, we were all gossiping.

So in the end, we decided to go to May's house to drink. May offered us red wine you see. Hahaha.

We took a cab from AMK to Yishun, stopping by the 7-11 to buy poker. All along in the cab, we were kping that May's house had better got a cork opener. May say that she believe that she has one but she not sure. We again ask her many time.. "have or not? You sure or not?" Think May a bit pek cek. :P

May carefully chose the wine for us. As May doesn't want to drink red wine, she chose a slimmer bottle for me and YH.

May found her cork opener but it is a lousy one lor. Haiz, I dunno how to describe.

So we screw in the opener into the cork and tried to pull it out. Me and May used all our 9 cow 2 tiger strength still cannot pull it out. I dunno where our xiao sheng was but she finally appeared and we all started to try pulling out the cork

Suddenly I asked," Can I blog this? I want to take photo leh." So I faster run to take out my hp and take photo...

These 2 pair of hands, the left side one belongs to May, holding onto the bottle and the right side one belongs to YH, trying to pull out the cork.

Very super slowly, the cork came out bit by bit. We were kind of worried that the cork will break into pieces and fall into the wine. So YH ask May..

YH: You got sieve?
May: Sieve? Dun have lor.
Me: Aiyoh, where got kitchen got no sieve one? You sure got cook one or not?
May: I got cook lah, but I just dun have a sieve.

May started looking around her small kitchen for a sieve but to no avail. Haiz.. Bobian, we carefully try to remove the cork again.

Yeap, we pull and pull.. Then May say her hand very pain so I took over and we pull and pull again...

When the cork was halfway out, we were very happy. YH took out the cork opener screw which was a grave mistake.... She tot that she can just take out the opener and the pull the cork out by using her hands. Too bad lor, bad calculation, her hands were not strong enough to pull out the cork.

She already removed the opener so she bobian, she used all her strength to pull out the cork and in the end.... haiz, the cork BROKE~ It bloody hell broke into 2.

Look! That is the half of the cork still stuck in the bottle.

Me: Aiyoh, why like that. Put the screw back ba..
YH: I think the cork will break into pieces if we put the screw back.
Me: But we bobian lor.
May: I dun care lor, the wine already open halfway, we can't turn back liao. By hook or by crook have to remove it.

So we put the screw back and tried to pull the cork out again in the position shown just now.

Finally, the stubborn cork gave up! We are the ultimate winners!

Ta dah! The opened bottle.

YH posing the broken cork.

May say I must take photo of the 2 broken halves of the cork. Poor thing lor, kana torn into 2 by YH.. Haiz...

Then we happily started drinking the red wine while May happily drink her Cordon bleu. I never drink red wine before and seriously, I dunno how to appreciate the taste. However becuz i am so super sian and depress, I drink almost half a bottle ba. Shared with YH.

We were drinking wine while watching GZX and playing Dai Di.

May keep winning the game and she cannot believe her luck. She forgot the fact that she has already lost more than $100 on MJ and started hao lianing her Dai Di skills. Mad or wat. Sai jit ba hor li ki si lor.

We finished fooling around at about 2+am ba.... Then me and YH left. Think YH's dad came to long bang us back~


fr said...

ya, amazing story...and entertaining too...Six 'qian qian jade hands' struuuuuuggling with a Cork.....hahahaha

Miko said...

hahaha.. yah i forgot to add the phrase 'qian qian jade hands' into my blog!

Think the 3 of us too sian, we did alot of weird things which sometimes I didn't blog. If you interested in our weird doings, u can see YH's blog also.

Ogre said...

You're supposed to use that swinging thing on the end as a fulcrum and lever the cork out with that type of opener. You swing it down, and that little notch sits on the edge of the bottle neck, you then pull up on the end of the opener and the cork slides right out, no brute force necessary.

It's incredibly easy and I've never broken a cork with that type of opener. Good luck next time.