Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Sunday Adventures

Last sunday, I wanted to take some opera photos but then too bad the weather is not good. James had volunteered to take photos for me and he brought all the equipments. Stupid that it was cloudy that day.

So in the end I called up lock and he will be renting a car so that we can go out have fun. We will share the cost of the rent tho.

Calling up locky...

So he arrived at my place and we went to East Coast Hawker for dinner.

James took this photo and told me that lock is photogenic. Ya, I agree. It's so good to be photogenic lor but I suck in photos.

Arriving at East Coast, James good idea ask me and lock to pose as couple with the car.. But too bad, tho we pose like couple, we dun look like one lor.

Weird, dun look like couple. Anyway, we decided to walk abit before eating so that we can take more photos.

Lock climbed onto a tree and did this silly spiderman pose. So silly. Then we walked to an area where there is a stone pathway for foot reflexology. Lock haolian lah.. say want to walk one round. I took off my slippers and tried also. My god. Painful like hell. Lock say he cannot make it to complete one round. Then James say we lousy and joined in but think he also feel painful but he pretend like nothing.

ARgghh... Painful!

After the painful experience on the stones, we walked to the beach. I took a photo for James cuz he must appear on my blog mah but he is photographer so I only got a few photos of him.

James lah, ask him pose he dunno do what pose. What kind of pose is this ah...

Walk walk walk and we saw this big sandcastle. There is this part of the beach where many ppl are making sand castles with tools rented from a small stall. Actually making sandcastles are not that difficult with those tools. You just need more imagination and patience.

The big sandcastle. We decided to take another photo with both of us looking at the castle.

I like this photo. Cannot see my stupid ugly face. That day I din put make up. Look like ghost leh.

Then James came to take photo of also.

A close up of the sandcastle. Quite nice right and intricate. But all these will be gone once it rains so I think its a bit of waste of time.. and effort...

After that, we went to eat dinner at the hawker. Sinful. Ate some seafood like the 'gong gong' which I like very much. Oyster omelette which is sinful like hell.. Chicken wings.. and the 2 siao kias eat chicken rice some more. I cannot eat so much lor.. Too sinful.

Hmm.. Then after eating we were thinking where to go. I kp that I want to go to Sentosa. So off we go!

It was about 8+ to 9pm and sentosa was very dark. We parked at this beach carpark and then walk abit along the beach. Caught lots of couples lovey doveying there.

Quite scary at night lor.

The dark dark sentosa beach.

Got this hanging bridge. Quite nice and romantic if come with gf or bf but I went with 2 mad ppl.. so the feeling abit different. Hahaha.. I know my hair is messed up la!

There was a free telescope! Only one telescope was free. The rest need to 'dong' $1. So we had fun looking into it. Lock say take photo with the telescope cuz it looked like robot or something. Silly lor. And he came up with the above pose. Also silly but I did another sillier thing...

Sadako is here!!! 'Grrrr.... give me your life...'

Aiyoh, james dunno how to act lor. Where got ppl see ghost still smile one. Wasted my hand so beautifully posed.

We were at this tower, about 3 stories high, chit chatting about lots of stuff like games.. (my FFX) and other silly things which Lock did with his friends at birdpark.

Then we decided to take some 'ling yi' photos.. scary ones.. Hahaha..

Lock is an average tourist, posing for an average photo. Little did he know that his end lies here.

Suddenly a mysterious head of hair appeared! Silly lock the tourist still happily taking photos!

lock finally noticed..,"AAahhh! Freak!!!"

Lock: Let me go! Let me go!!
Sadako: Hahahaha... You are dead!

Freaky lor..When I took the photos, I felt freaky also cuz it was very cold there at night and very dark. Anyway James commented that I suck at doing Sadako cuz I was wearing this Kenny T-shirt. Aiyah. Watever la.

After the Sentosa trip, we set off again to Mount Faber. Oooh.. another romantic place. The last time I went to mount faber was when I was a kid and I hardly remembers how it looked like.

The view up there was beautiful and the wind was cold. There were quite many ppl there. Talking, taking photos.. etc.

At mt Faber~ This pic is nice lor. Cuz its blurred and dark and cannot see my ugly face clearly.

Act cute of me. See the HDB behind! nice right... Haiz.. long time never see this kind of thing liao. See le abit sad leh.

I believe I can fly~~ I believe I can touch the sky~~~ Haiz.

Then lock say he want to do the Ong Bak pose. Aiyoh.. Dangerous leh.. He think he really is Ong Bak lor, jumping around like that.

After that Ong Bak pose, he say he want to take photo of us strangling each other.

We tong gui yu jin ba!!!! hahahaha...!

After visiting the mt faber, we actually went to Geylang to see prostitute. My god. Stayed there for quite some time but didn't take any photos. If take photos we will be kana beaten up lor and KO in Geylang.. We saw lots of pretty pros and dirty old man. James still ask me any gan xiang after seeing those. I can only say I very disappointed with men. Men suck!


All men who like to visit prostitute should go to hell. Go to hell and DIE! hahaha!


Anonymous said...

hey hey, the pic you and james does look like couple la.. why you say dun look like? i think quite nice la.

Anonymous said...

ya...i think u all make a pair too..haha..yh

Miko said...

wei wei... the first Anonymous is who ah? Me and James dun have couple pic wat.. its lock leh.

Anyway, the pics were taken just for fun la~

Anonymous said...

hah hah~

next time, we juz organize a eating tour lah... one or two dish at one location, then go to next location.. sure to satisfy any fussy eaters or wad loh.

we can eat from lunch to supper~ maybe even have a "tourist theme", muz wear until look like tourist la... long time nv do this leh, quite fun. :S


Miko said...

Erm.. its a good idea la but hor.. I will grow fat! OMG!

Hahaha.. I cannot afford u know.