Tuesday, January 30, 2007

FMV-The Dance

Since there are finally some ppl who appreciate FFX, I am going to post this super pretty Yuna's FMV here!

FMV = Full motion video.

There are quite alot of FMVs in between the game. Of cuz the whole game is not done in FMV, if not it will slow down the loading of the whole game. FMVs are only inserted in classic moments.

Please allow the above FMV to load while I tell you what the FMV is about.

You will see Yuna doing a dance on water with a solemn face. Actually Yuna is doing a 'Sending'. Something like a ritual to send the dead away.

There was a tsunami (created by a monster called 'Sin') which hit Killika (a village) and killed many ppl. Yuna was there to witness this tsunami attack and saw that the ppl were devasted with the tsunami hit. She offered to do the 'sending' for the villagers. This was the first time Yuna do a Sending and after that, she was very upset.

Tidus saw her that she was very shaken and upset by this event. He thought to himself that he will not let Yuna do something like this again. Awww.. so sweet.

XJ, although this is a game, the story is very nice lor. Can fight those dramas liao. There are some sweet moments when Tidus taught Yuna to whistle and told her that if they were ever seperated, Yuna only need to whistle and he will come to look for her. Then he added,"Since you can't whistle now, guess I will have to stick to you." hee hee. cute...

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aiyoz...last sentence very playful yet sweet :D