Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Bluetooth Crisis

I damaged my bluetooth remember? ended up I can't blog a lot of things but the good news is, I BOUGHT A BT DONGLE!

YAY! I went to Amk with James and managed to find this bt dongle to transfer all my pics into my com. I can now start blogging like mad but now is quite late le la.. and I feelt a bit tired. I will just blog one incident in my office first.

I was working at my desk when suddenly my colleague exclaimed. Wah lau!

I tot wat happened.

It was this paper clip. Look like a normal paper clip right but no!

It was a bloody big paper clip! its the width of my palm lor. hhaha.. ok i know this entry very boliao.. but what about this....

Took this photo when me, may and yh were shopping in Orchard Rd before Xmas. We were walking and walking, doing our xmas shopping, when suddenly May was very happy to see these little toys tumbling around on the floor. She wanted me to take a photo of them and show ppl how CUUUUTTTTEEE they were. I think May forgot about this photo liao.

hee hee.. ok. More things to blog but another day!

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