Sunday, January 28, 2007

MD make me pek cek

MD, very honoured to be featured in my blog ah? Hahaha... good. I hope that you will be proud for what you have done to make me pek cek lor.

This thing happened some time ago last year but I never blog about it. Never tot about blogging it until now lor.

It was a weekday and I was going to meet someone at Chinatown for dinner. It was actually Lin Jia. He asked me to meet up to eat dinner. That time he wanted to pass me some photos from the Taiwan trip. Oh yah.. that reminded me, I must ask him if he got any recordings from the Taiwan show or not..

So I tot why not?

I met him at Chinatown then we went to eat Chang Cheng porridge. At that time, we 'you shuo you xiao' while eating and this MD happened to pass by and saw us. He is working around that area you see. I forgot about this fact and I didn't think that he will see us.

So anyway he saw and I think he was very surprised. He did something very out of normal. He called my mum.

He tell my mum,"Auntie, I saw Miko and Lin Jia at Chinatown leh!"

Haha. He tot that my mum will be very surprised and will have some reactions but too bad lor. My mum is very used to me meeting up with guys cuz I got more guys friends then girl friends. Some of my guys friends even stayed overnight at my house before... to watch TV.

I forgot what my mum's reaction was already but think she said something like.. why tell me this? It is very normal mah for them to go out. I'd rather you go find out when Ang is coming back from taiwan.

That night, my mum asked me about it. I was very surprised. I smsed MD that he very irritating to do something so sneaky like this. Hee hee... then he replied me that he just wanted my mum to suan me. hahaha... yah right.. anyway it backfired lor.

So, the moral of the story is, if you are guang ming zheng da, you dun have to worry about ppl sneaking up to you.

MD, got any parts of the story I miss out? You can add on yo~! Hee hee..


Kongming said...


u missed e part whereby u saw me singing on e road :P

Miko said...

No leh.. I never see you singing on the road lor.

Kongming said...

hmm... too long liao, cant remember...