Thursday, January 05, 2006

The Promise

Finally I watched "The Promise". I know everyone says the movie sucks. My friend even asked me why I want to see it when everyone said it's lousy. Basically, I don't trust other people's opinion regarding movies. It's subjective. Just like everyone else hates opera, I love opera.

Anyway, I really like the movie! Hahaha.. Luckily never listen to the others. The movie was just like what I have expected. I love the sets, the colours, the sceneries etc. Of course the special effects is not as 'real' compared to Hollywood movies but it is not bad already. The whole movie gave me a very fantasy feel, eg, the flying hair of the goddess, the palace, the sceneries.... etc.

The story is not bad. At least, it has a reasonable beginning and a reasonable ending, at least to me. The costume of Nicholas Tse reminded me of the costumes in GZX. Really looks like.

Look at the yun jian and the headgear! Looks like something that GZX will use.

If you want to see this movie, please do not view it as a wuxia film. Just treat it as a fantasy film cuz you will see ppl fly or run at abnormal speed.

Zhang Bo Zhi wasn't very pretty in the show, Zhang dong jian wasn't very handsome but that is fine with me. Hee hee...

The show is cool, really. I think I am going to see it again.

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