Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Back Pain!

Yesterday, I was suffering from extreme back pain. It hurts when I walk, sit, stand, run. My god. I wanted to blog about my Phuket trip yesterday but sitting and typing was tedious for me. In the end, I went to see a chinese doctor and he did the 'tui na' for me. So painful!! I screamed and shouted and kicked around but fortunately, I felt better after the 'massage'. 5 minutes later, the pain came back..-_-"

Doctor gave me some medicine and hopefully the pain will be gone after I take the medicine. In the evening, I still went for my opera rehearsal. I asked Richard to come fetch me.

I can't skip yesterday's rehearsal as I already skipped 2 classes while in Phuket and HXY is going back to TW today for Chinese New Year. So I have to go even if I break my bones.

Indeed, when I arrived, She immediately said," Yuying! You have to do the flipping on the floor."

What? What flipping?

HXY," Flipping in circles."

I got it but I was thinking that it's going to break my back.

HXY started demonstrating and I followed. After doing it a few times, my back actually felt better! hahaha...

My god, I have to practice this and try to achieve splitting my legs apart. Since HXY is not around these 2 weeks, I might just sought help from other teachers for this flipping thing.


frannxis said...

Poor girl, how come got back pain?

What is flipping?

amai said...

I know what you mean. I think this action is not as difficult as spilting. Are you able to do spliting now?

Miko said...

yah.. that flipping around is still fine but need to practice more. The splitting part, I think I will need to do it everyday. Hopefully I will be able to do it before March. If I don't achieve it, I will just have to fall down and start flipping.

frannxis: U should have seen before, actress lying on the ground, try to turn round and round in circles while fliping their legs.

frannxis said...

Ya, I can visualize you flippling on stage! Not only your fingers, your legs also very flexible...hahaha...

Miko said...

My legs are still quite far from flexible but I will try my best ok. I promise myself to practice everyday, the splitting feat.