Sunday, January 22, 2006


I suddenly rememeber that I promised to blog about a flasher I have seen in school before. Almost forgot about it until I read my previous post.

I have seen quite a few flashers before but the first time I saw a flasher was in my primary school. Once again, this story involves PJ, Judy and me. As usual, we loiter in the old Cedar girls sec's stadium. The stadium was big and there were 3 spectators stand.. or whatever you call that. To show you guys a better picture of my school, I drew a layout of it.

Nice right? hee hee... ok, just for your info, the spot where we found the dead bird was right in front of the pink school building. As you can see, the primary school and the secondary school was only seperated by a useless fence. The 3 red boxes around the stadium are the spectators stands.

We were at the spectator stand nearest to the fence and were talking about some childish topics. Suddenly, we notice a man sitting under of the trees. It was an old man, maybe around 40 years old, wearing dirty clothes and his hair was a mess. We thought it was weird to have a strange man loitering in our school compounds but we tried to ignore him and continue talking.

Now and then we will glance at that man and suddenly, one of us, I forgot which, noticed something strange. He was personal part was revealed. Being innocent at that time, we didn't know what that was and we asked each other if we have seen anything like that before. Someone, again I forgot who, suggested that it might be his XXX. We were terrified at the strange thing and the strange man and the idea that he was flashing. We ran back to our school to inform the first teacher we saw.

The other students around us were very kpo so when we ran towards that tree, it was a big group of about 20 students and a teacher. Hoever, the man was not there anymore. He disappeared already. Too bad, I would have like that man to get a good scolding or get a police to catch him for being so indecent in a school compound.

This incident didn't stop us from going back to our favourite spot in the stadium though....


Anonymous said...

throw stones at him!

Kongming said...

er... u wanna go find him again?

Miko said...

hahaha If I ever see him again I will call police lor..

James.. mad ah... later he chase us!

frannxis said...

"we asked each other if we have seen anything like that before" - hahaha - should go and ask him what that 'strange thing' was - hahaha

if you see him again I think you can't recognize him

Miko said...

hee hee... i dont remember his face but i remembered that he was sloppily dressed. This kind of disgusting old man deserve to be put in jail.