Tuesday, January 03, 2006

I want to see movies!

For the festive seasons, I have been going for opera rehearsals! I have been wanting to watch some movies for a long time and because my opera practices are taking up all my time, I could not find time to watch movies at all. I wanted to see Chicken Little but it's off the screens now. Haiz, I am very tired today cuz I slept late last night but I have decided that tonight I am going to watch 'The Promise'. I have been wanting to see it for a long time and because all my opera practices, I didn't get to see it. So tonight, I am going to see it even if it means going alone.....

What I did this festive season:

24Dec - Performance
25Dec - At home, eat dinner at kopitiam
26Dec - At home, played pool in the evening

31Feb - Opera Rehearsal countdown at Biyu's home
01Jan - Make up class and chatted until 12am
02Jan - Opera rehearsal until 8pm


Ok, I am gonna blog about my countdown at Biyu's home. That day I had rehearsals until around 9pm. Talking about rehearsals, I am having a tough time but that's another story. We had dinner together as usual at the coffeeshop next to COI and we dispersed at around 10:30pm. Yilan, Qiuyue and company decided to go to Nancy's coffeshop to countdown while I decided to go to Biyu's home.

Everyone's already there when I arrived. They were chatting and eating. Feiyou just went into NS for 3 weeks and he already has so many army stories to tell the other guys. Steven and PeiChen happily share their experiences with FeiYou.

Uncle Lim suggested that we play some poker games. Losers will have to drink some liquor. Think it's Chivas.

Feiyou taking photos while uncle is giving instructions.

Then they settled down and started playing. They play and play non-stop until 11:54pm.
Waiting for the countdown, we countdown together with Channel 5.
10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4,
Happy New Year!!!!


After counting down, everyone settled down and started to play again. This time they played 终极密码. Once again, loser has to drink. I tell you, they played till 2:30am and downed a whole bottle of Chivas!!

I didn't play cuz I don't like to drink but in the end someone offered to drink for me if I lost, so I joined in the fun.

The ones that drank most that night was FeiYou, Uncle Lim and Pei Chen. Bi Yu drank quite a bit too but she stopped playing when she could not take it.

At this point, both Uncle and Feiyou are drunk but they continued with the game. FY's face was as red as an apple.

The young ones went for roti prata after the game but I decided to go home. Already 3am! And have to go for make up class the following day!

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