Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Childhood Memories

One of my childhood memories that I remembered clearly, happened when I was in primary school. I was studying at Cedar Primary which is right beside the old Cedar Girls Secondary. At that time, Cedar Sec was still using the old building and we, Cedar Primary students, likes to loiter around the School compound as our fields are connected. We do not have to go in by the main gate.

One of my favourite past time in those days was to go the stadium tracks of the Sec school with 2 of my best friends, PJ and Judy. Yes, PJ is the one who likes the shaking pig. We will then walk around the running tracks of the stadium, round and round, around 3 rounds each time, with a soft drink in our hands. I remember that Cedar Sec had a soft drink dispenser and each cup of soft drink was 40 cents. Not the small cups, but the regular size ones that we get from Mcdonald's.

While walking around the tracks, our favourite topic would be ghost stories. We tell each other scary stories of the sec school which we made up. Hahaha... Cedar Sec looked eerie to us.

Anyway, one day while we were walking around the tracks, I spotted a dead sparrow lying at the side of the tracks. At that time, Judy was the bravest among the 3 of us. She flipped over the dead bird with a stick. Eeeewww.. There were worms.

It was disgusting and we thought that the bird must be in agony to be infested with maggots. Hence, we decided to cremate the bird the next day.

We arrived at the stadium the next day and surprisingly, the bird was still there. I took out a box of matches, Judy had a cup of water and there was another friend who insisted that he want to tag along. I remember his name was Louis. So kpo.

I covered the bird with some dried grass and passed the matches to PJ. PJ tried to light it but was unsuccessful. Then Judy tried. Unsuccessful again. So I took over. I striked the match and threw it to the small pile of dried grass. Immediately, it started to burn slowly.

We waited patiently, Judy with the cup of water getting ready, in case of fire, she can distinguish it with that cup of water.

The little pile burned and burned and suddenly Judy exclaimed," Look! The spirit of the bird rising up!"

We were very excited and asked,"Where? Where?"

In fact, it was only the smoke, not spirit.

All of a sudden, a teacher appeared. We didn't noticed him at first. He was staring at what we were doing.

I didn't know when did PJ became so brave. She walked over to the teacher and explained that the bird was dead and it caused some foul smell. We burnt it to get rid of the smell. The teacher believed our tall tale and walked away.

We didn't watched the bird burnt to ashes as our time is up, need to go back or go home, I forgot.

We, the 3 masketeers, saw a flasher in Cedar Sec before. Blog about it next time~

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