Sunday, January 29, 2006

My drawing

Long time ago, I drew iguanas for a school project. I was in NYP first year and our studio project was to do research on an animal we are assigned to. The first time I did it, I was assigned to do a mousedeer. What a boring animal. I failed the project. When I retook it, I did the Green iguana.

I must pass the project this time so I took lots of hardwork to go to the zoo and take pictures, draw.. etc. For the project, I must draw the iguana's various body parts and do a painting of it. Finally, my research must complete with a model of the iguana which i made using paper cups and brushes.

Here is a picture of the iguana i drew.

It really took me alot of time to draw this head. Trust me.

And I painted this too. Not so nice but i tried my best.

Fortunately, I passed this project. If not I might have to repeat my year 1.


frannxis said...

Lucky girl, you are blessed with many talents and abilities. You...

can write well
can also draw well
can do Chinese opera
can apreciate Chinese poems
know French
are competent in IT

Kongming said...

知书达理, 琴棋书画 hehee

Miko said...

erm, sorry but i don't write well. See my blog, so singlishly written. My french is also half bucket water and my drawing actually sucks one. Just that, that time no choice, have to force myself to draw.

Jack of all trades, master of none!

frannxis said...

some singlish and grammar errors ok as this is only a blog, not writing essay for O-level exam

i find your humourous postings quite interesting -like the one about shoe shelf and your father and some temples.

Miko said...

yah lor, recently my father very quiet, never say silly things le. hee hee..

amai said...

I can't even draw and colour?
I wonder what am I good at?
Miko, your English is fine, unlike mine.................. I blog because of my passion for operas but also blog hoping that I could improve in my English.
Again, wonder what am I good in?

amai said...

Er...good in eating ice-cream...
But for quite a long time never eat ice-cream liao.
Oops, I noticed a typo error.
I cant even draw or colour.
But if you talk to me abt chinese opera, I rattle on non-stop...
I am good at that... (LOL)

Anonymous said...

oh dearie mai - u can play er hu right? i am only begining to learn that, hahhaa! My keyboard is also half tang water ... actually i quite like to draw and do embro -.. but i can only draw a bit of those candy-candy gals.. xj

Miko said...

Amai, u are good at opera lor! Isn't that obvious? and I think your english is much more proper than mine. I chose to write sloppily cuz it will take me too much time to check for all the errors.

I have done some sucky drawings before.. next time i will post them.

amai said...

Me playing Er Hu? That was donkey years back as I joined chinese orchestra as my cca in JC. But I have forgotten all already after I graduated out of JC. I remember asking troupe leader to let me be a musician instead, but she refused and asked me to continue my chinese opera. Now...I can hold Er Hu in the correct position but forget how to play already. (LOL)
Me good in Chinese Opera...Now I am very "sensitive" to my chinese opera especially I freak out when I hear the word "rehearsal". My confidence has not come back to me yet......

Miko said...

Amai, this time is only 'Special appearance Dan'. You are not going to dan forever. So u will just have to get pass it. hee hee...