Thursday, January 26, 2006

I was also unfortunate

I was also unfortunate! Maybe because I read too much of the Series of Unfortunate Events. Yesterday, I was going back to my office after lunch when I fell down on the road. Luckily I never fall flat on the road, else there will be scars on my face. Anyway, I fell on my knees and immediately, the top layer skin was scrapped off. It wasn't so painful at that moment so I just walked back to my office.

Someone commented that Mel is a very caring person. Mel, the caring person, was like very enthusiastic yesterday to help me clean my wounds. The office's first aid was never been used before and I am the first to use it. Man, I should be honoured. -_-"

Mel very artistically bandage my knees for me. She said that bandaging the wounds will prevent it from leaving scars behind. Since I am allergic to plaster, I might as well bandage it. She wanted to clean my wounds with a piece of wet wool. I screeched and told her that I can do that myself. Though my knees were not really painful, I cannot stand the pain of water/medicine touching my wounds. Since young, I never let water touch my wounds when I am injured.

Artistically bandaged

What happened?

At the end of the day, I still went shopping with my colleagues. hahaha...


frannxis said...

hahahh - so proud of your artistic bandage

Miko said...

hahaha i asked my friend to take the picture after work and she taught me to do that pose. hahaha.