Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Crappy Halloween Night Party

It is Holloween Night and it is also the eve of my friend's birthday. He asked us out to have a drink together at a pub in boat Quay. I seldom go to pubs but I love hanging out with them so i decided to go anyway.

i met Lock first at 7pm to watch a movie and after that we went to meet the birthday boy, Vincent. Vincent is a crappy guy. hahaha...... After that we met Henry aka Meekiah. Meekiah was a good friend of mine in Poly.

The four of us went to the pub together and the first thing meekiah did was to pick some songs to singing. Singing is meekiah's favourite hobby and he is a good singer.

This is Meekiah~

Vincent, the brithday boy, ordered Chivas and they started drinking but i dont like to drink so i just drank one glass of diluted Chivas. Vincent is an alcoholic!! He is also a very crappy guy and he always make me laugh like hell. Second to Vincent is Lock, then Henry. Henry used to make me laugh so much in poly. It is from them that i learn to be crappy myself but my skill is still far from them.

This is vincent. He always act some seh. See this shot not bad right..... Finally i introduce Lock.

Locky, showing me this disgusted face. Actually he was saying,"Your flashlight very glaring leh!"

Lock is another crappy guy cuz he told me that there was once, he gave toothbrush as birthday present to a friend!!!! -_-" quite unbelievable. Guess what he is giving to vincent for his

HAIR GEL!!! Somemore it's Amway's one. This is super hard wet look hair gel which Lock chose specially for Vincent. Hahaha.... It's indeed a funny present. Ok la.. it's a xin yi from Lock. Last time lock gave me Mooncakes for my bday......

Vincent posing with his gel! hahaha... After waiting for a long time, Henry got to sing.

Meekia the singing king.

Vincent told us that he has been thinking of creating a short film since all of us at this table is so talent.

Vincent: don't waste our talent mah, right?

Me: Sure or not, not so easy one.

Vincent told us that he missed those days when we were filming a short film for a school project. It was a very fun time.

Finally at 3am (Yes! I stayed there till 3 freaking AM!), we were about to leave. At this moment, Vincent said something that was very funny and i decide to blog it.

First, look at this picture.

Vincent say, if you buy a box of cigarettes, you have to be careful which picture you get on the box because after you smoke, you will end up as in the picture.

The first one shows this ulcer thing in the intestine or throat. Pretty disgusting.

And the last one show a guy in coma. So the best one will be the middle one with happy family.

Vincent: The one die is you family not you mah, so you can happily continue to smoke.


Saw the dice? Saw the liquor? hahaha... it is a picture that depicts our 'duo luo-ness'!

hahaha... see this?

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