Tuesday, November 01, 2005

SL Packing Day

Today is a public Holiday~ so i went to SL to pack the costume. It was quite a hard work cuz the boxes are quite heavy. We took out everything and categorised them into their respective boxes.

Some of the costumes taken out and packed into pastic bags.

That is susan, taking out the costumes from the boxes. Actually SL has got alot of clothes becuz everytime SL do a full length, big production show, they will order a set of costumes. So far, we have got costumes for 'Bei He Ji', 'Mu Lian Jiu Mu', 'Ci Mu Lei' and some other misc excerpts.

Pack pack packing...... La la la... we had a good time!

While we were packing, the 2 very enthusiastic guys who painted the store room were clearing out another store room. We have 4 store rooms in SL. 2 for costumes and props, 1 for instruments and 1 for these books etc. Alot of stuff right?

We started at around 2:30 and we finished at 6pm. I forgot to take a photo of the newly painted leisure room upstairs. Will take a photo of it when i go there again. :D

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