Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Singing and Taxi driver

Today, i got another singing session at Tanjong Pagar Complex, Qian Xi Lou restaurant. It is the 81st anniversary of Hui An Gong Hui and Hui Hua Wushu association (the names might not be exact as I did not take much notice of the names). Anyway, I had a grreatt time. There was fabulous food, wushu to watch and we sang some songs.

We got 3 tables which adds up to around 20+ of us. How come so many people? Because, part of the chinese orchestra was there too. I was very hungry and we only started eating only at around 8+pm leh.

This is the photo of the first show, actually we played a CD for this piece and the performers up there just played relaxly and Mei-E sang relaxly. Of course we can't cheat the audience with CD all the way. So the next one is the real thing.

The trio singing, this is the real thing. haha...

Aiyah.. i should have taken some photos of the wushu ppl. They are kinda cool and one of them is in the National Team.

After the show, i helped to pack the stuff and long bang SL coach to Geylang so that i can take a cab there. So i flagged this cab near the bus stop and the kancheong spider taxi driver ask me to 'quick quick, got bus behind!'

In the taxi, the driver ask me if i bought this new dress. What new dress? Then i realised that i was still wearing the chinese style costume!

Me: I just had a performance.

Uncle: What performance?

Me: Nanyin singing.

Uncle: Oh.. is it .. Xiang Ying? At chinatown there?

Me: It's Xiang Ling not Xiang Ying. You know Xiang Ling?

Uncle: My brother used to be there long ago.

Me: Oh, so coincident ah!

Uncle: You know the monk of guang ming shan like to listen to nanyin also?

Me: Yah, we go there once a year to sing.

Uncle: yah, got one lama like to listen to shan ge. Actually all these Lama are very clever one. Got one Nepal Lama learnt to use the computer in one month.

(hee hee.. this uncle is getting a bit too far.)

Uncle: You got hear the tibet song before?

Me: Nope.

Uncle: You want to hear?

Me: Ya sure.

Uncle: Ok ok.. let me test the key first... Aaahh... Aaah... Te ba xin trrr.. la ma ni ba som.. ......... Err.. i forgot the lyrics...

(he thought for awhile...)

Uncle: Te ba xin trrr.. la ma ni ba som ( and continue to sing)

Actually his singing was not bad but its strange.. to hear a tibetan song in a cab! haha.. this reminds me of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. Don't look down on anyone. Everywhere there are people Wo Hu Cang Long.

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