Thursday, November 10, 2005


I am so extraordinary suay recently and i am fedup! I lost alot of money this mth for stupid reasons!!

1) My hp earpiece is gone, i put it in my hp box and when i want to find it, it's gone. I dont know where is it.

2) My hp original battery is gone too. I put it in my bag cuz i know that the unoriginal battery is going flat soon. Who knows when i want to change battery, i cant find it anywhere.

3) My camera spoil.

4) My phone just dunno why called up my mum and my mum dunno why just answer the call and never hang up. So the call lasted 3 damn hours!! Putain. I called my mum about it and she say she dunno anything.

I am so freakin suay! So suay that i cant believe it myself! What the hell..

I am going to skip lunch and dinner and scrimp and save from now on to cover my lost.

I hate this world.

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