Friday, October 28, 2005

Super Mega Big Rain!

Happily we were finishing our OBMC yesterday when dearest Ah May say," I think it's raining cuz i feel cold."

So I looked out of the window. Holy @#$%! It's raining heavily. After the class, a new student, Lilian, went to fetch her car so that she can give us and the teacher a lift to the Paya Lebar Mrt. So 4 of us actually crammed into the backseat of her car. That includes May, YH, Peiru and me.

Lilian made a few mistakes with the directions, guess she is not familiar with that area but it was kind of her to make a trip especially to the MRT just to drop us. Finally, we arrive at the MRT station but that was not the end of our disaster. It was now raining as heavily as it can be.

We wanted to wait for a cab under some shelter under the MRT railway. We waited.. and we waited... but we realised that we can never get a cab under that shelter becuz some freakin bastards with umbrellas were always in front of us, standing under the rain to catch a cab. Hence, we will be get a cab under this shelter. YH suggested to the take bus but that idea wasn't appealing. So anyway, we decided to dash to the bus stop which is about 10m from the MRT.

YH ran... first time see her run so fast, and May ran too, with her heels and then i ran also with my slippers.

Finally we reached the bus stop. We thought we can get a cab by flagging in the bus stop but hell no, i was wrong. There were once again some freakin bastards out there in the rain with the umbrella in front of us. That really pissed me off. So I shouted, "get out of there you freakin bastards!"

Anyway, that aside, I have to comment about May. Cuz at this point in the bus stop, she suddenly blurted, "My bag is dripping wet!"

Me and YH don't really care about our bags as ours were those school bag kind. I looked at May's bag. It looks like a Burberry bag. I said," Is that real?"

May,"Of course! I don't take fake branded!"

Me,"Your bag is really wet."

May,"Yes, it is pratically dripping!"

YH,"To know if it's real or not, we have to send your bag to an expert to check."

May,"You can tell it's real by just looking at it."

YH,"The fake branded nowadays looks very real lor!"

I don't know why the hell are we discussing this when we are still stuck in a bus stop with the mega storm and bastards continue to appear in front of us.

Me," I think we should just go and stand in the rain in front of those bastards."

YH agreed with me but May was reluctant to wet her bag futher and she felt super cold. After some struggling. YH took the lead and walked over followed by me then May.

Cool~ We are walking in the rain!

Those bastards just open their eyes big big and stare at us as we approach and we walked past them, don't giving a damn.

Fortunately, we only stood there in the rain for awhile and a taxi happily came cruising along. Ecstatically, we climbed into it.

That kinda end our little adventure you might think but no.

There was a mega traffic jam. Mega storm and mega traffic jam makes the ultimate sucky day.

May was so cold in the cab and YH offered May her 'Shui xiu' to cover herself. Little did we know that YH had a motive.

YH,"Do you feel better now?"


YH,"good, then you can take back my shui xiu and wash."

Me,"So you had a motive!"

Anyway, YH still took back the shui xiu to wash it herself after her motive was exposed.

PS: Our dear YH said she wanted to start a blog like 1 month ago and till now i didn't see anything yet. What are you waiting for?! May said that she will take 3 months to start a blog and blog for 3 days at most.

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