Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Taxi driver (2)

I already said that 'crouching tiger hidden dragon' among the taxi drivers in my previous post. It is true! I met another one 2 days ago.

After shopping, my friend and I decided to take a taxi together. I dropped my friend off first and then set off for my place. As i was a bit sick, i keep sniffing in the taxi. The taxi driver ask me if i am sick and i told him that i only have a small flu.

Driver: Try putting your palm on your forehead for 15 minutes. You will feel much better.

I thought that was funny but i did it anyway because i don't know how to say 'no'. So paiseh.

Driver: Trust me, you will be able to breathe better after 5 minutes. This is part of Qi Gong. I teach Qi Gong when i am not driving.

I can't believe it, the cab driver is a qi gong master.

Me: Oh really?

Driver: Yes, because i go the student's house to teach so i thought it will be better to be a taxi driver too, the expenses not so high.

Then he gave me a piece of flyer with his number and the benefits of qi gong on it. He told me that he used to be one of the instructors in the top qigong school in singapore but they later decided to retrench him.

He told me that he charge $300 for one month's course and the fee is shared by the number of students. If there are 3 students, each person will pay $100.

Well well, i saw that one of the benefits of qigong is to avoid premature aging.. hee hee.. maybe i should go for it.

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