Wednesday, November 09, 2005


I think there is seriously something wrong with P72. I don't know if there is something wrong with him or something wrong with the batteries. I charged the batteries full and when they couldn't last more than 1 hour. I am really pissed off with P72 cuz he is not behaving himself. I already spend $80 bucks to cure his sore eyes and now he suck the batteries dry whenever i on it.

Once I was at Kusu and P72 threw a tantrum. He suck the batteries dry and off himself without shutting the lens with the protective shutter. He just stone there. If you saw my Kusu island blog, you will notice some are taken with P72 and some with D500C.

Now I have to rely on my D500C to take all the photos for my blogs. D500C is not really good at taking photos.

If P72 still continue to behave like this, i am going to dump him and find another camera this christmas.

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