Wednesday, November 23, 2005

F*** UP Day

Totally.... f*** up yesterday, totally.

It is a super long story and i wonder if i should tell the whole world here. Anyway, the whole world is not reading my blog so i guess it's ok.

First, i happily set off to Joo Chiat CC after my work for the OBMC. I even brought my 2 long spears which made it very difficult to travel.

Along the way, i bought some bread to eat as dinner as I don't want to be late for class. Finally, after much travelling and difficulties, i arrived at Joo Chiat CC.

no one here yet, so i smsed CS.

'I reached, where are you?'

he replied,' I can't come.'

Fine i thought. So i called Shu Fen.

'Are you coming?'

'No, i got a company dinner, can't go today.'

Fine again. So i called Peiru up.

'Are you coming?'


Isn't that great? Isn't that just fantastic? No one is coming and no one gives a damn to tell me about it.

I called up CS.

'Isn't that great? No one is coming and no one tells me about it.'

'Did teacher know?'

'I don't know. I thought we already confirmed it last week that this week's lesson will be on Wednesday.'

'Yah. Why not you get a room first?'

'I am not sure, but i will try.'

So i proceeded to the office with fire in my stomach.

'Hello, i would like to get a room for the opera class.'

'What class?'


'Under what name?'

'Xi qu xue hui?'

'under what group?'

'I don't know.'

'how come you dont know?'

'Because i am a student, (bitch)' I didn't say the word bitch but i would love to.

'I have to know what group you are under.'

'I dont think we are under any group.'

Anyway that bitch refused to give me a room so i call CS.

'Erm.. which group are we under?'

'What group? We are xi qu xue hui.'

'Yah i told her, (the bitch), that we are from xiqu xuehui but she don't know about it. She insist on which group we are from.'

'We are not under any group. Is Mr Yap there?'

'No, only one person, (the bitch), is here.'

'Who is she?'

'I dont know'

At this time, the bitch butt in. 'How come you everything also dont know?'

I retorted, ' He asked me your name and i said i dont know. (how the hell i know your name? I only know you are a bitch.)'

'Tell her we are from xi qu xue hui and Mr Yap already knows that we are coming.'

She said,'What does your xue hui do?'

'learn about opera.' Isn't that obvious from our name? what a dumbass she is.

So i told Bitch what CS told me. She finally gave me a room and mumble something about if someone comes, i will have to give the room to him/her.

Whatever. I just mumbled something and went off.

In the office, i saw a notice on the cupboard. I took a picture of it but it wasn't clear. It says:

We are committed to high quality service and continuous improvement to meet the needs of our residents to achieve the PA's ojectives.

Yah right, please don't make my toes laugh.


Anyway, i went to the room and i realised that she gave me a room full of chairs and tables. What a shit.

So i moved the tables and chairs to one side and sit down awhile.

I smsed Jiali that i am in room 203. She called back.

'Did you sms me?'


'I don't know about the class leh.'

'I thought we decided last week?'

'I called Shu fen yday to confirm it and she told me she will check with CS and confirm again with me but she did not call me back so i didn't know there is class today.'

'That is fine. Since there is only one student today, i guess you don't have to come.'

'I am sorry.'

'It's ok.'

Totally F*** UP right?

I am so fedup, i put back the tables and chairs, i returned the key to the bitch and i took a cab home. I realized i don't have enough cash so i used my debit card to pay.

I smsed ShuFen about it and told her that i will not join the class next year.

It is a F*** UP CC anyway.

I am sick and tired of my suayness which has been with me for a long time. I don't know what the hell is wrong with these people and why the world is so fucked up.

Fortunately, the VCDs i bought from china arrived yesterday and i had a great time watching it at home. Yah, i should have returned hom to watch the VCDs instead of going to the fucked up CC run by a bitch. To think i was carrying the spears around too. Fortunately, yesterdays was the last lesson.

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