Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Harry Potter~

YEA! I am going to see Harry Potter GOF next monday. Hee hee.. I didn't want to see it on it's premier cuz it's a thursday and it will cost me $8 to watch a movie on thursday. So I will be watching it on Monday, $7! (I know I only save $1 but each dollar counts ok! hmph)

And I purposely chose Lido theatres so i can watch it with the mega big screen. I wanted to watch it at GV grand at first but the timing is not good, 9.30pm, it will 12am when the show ends.

I am very excited lor~!!! ok!!!

Because GOF was my favourite book among all the 6. It was the most exciting book in the series and I cant wait to see the magnificent Triwizard Tournament!

The boy who did Harry Potter is getting too old for this role. I think he can't continue with the Order of the Phoenix and the Half Blood Prince cuz he will be too OLD!! He already look awkward in this GOF movie but if they get someone else to do Harry Potter, i can't accept it also because I am used to imagining this boy's face when i read the book. (Yah yah, i don't know the actor's name, call me sua ku if you want but i don't care cuz i only care about the movie.)

I wish that this boy can grow slower, so was the boy who did Ron.

Woohoo.... Can't wait to see it.


amai said...

My friends are also crazy over Harry Potter. But I did not read any of the books, I only watch the cinema series. Gosh, I am still mixed up with the storyline though I have watched the past series in DVDs.

amai said...

Same here, I prefer him in the lst movie as he looked quite cute and chubby. The "ang-mohs" grow very fast. Now he is so adult-looking......

Miko said...

You have to read the book to know what they are talking about!