Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Caresse sur l'océan

I was listening to a soundtrack and i reminded myself of the French movie 'Les choristes'. It was a nice movie and there are beautiful songs in the movie. The song I love most was 'Caresse sur l'océan', meaning, caress on the ocean.

The movie was funny and the children in it were very cute!!
The movie, there is a teenager who has a wonderful voice but because he is a rebellious and autistic boy, he refused to join the choir organised by his teacher. The teacher tried to open him up to accept friends and join the choir. Finally, the boy opened up to the teacher and learnt singing from him. He then became a famous singer.

In the movie, there is another song 'Cerf-volant', meaning Kite. I like this song also cuz its cute. :D

J'aime beaucoup ce film!

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