Saturday, December 07, 2013

Going Seoul



I am going to Seoul for countdown to 2014


My first time EVER having a countdown overseas!!

So the story went like this. I was in the office and then my colleague was kping about how expensive the air tickets to Hongkong are. I was like but of course, it's the holiday season. She tried to book SQ which cost like $800. D:

$800 for Hongkong.. please...

So I told her go check at Expedia maybe there are some offers. Then she asked me about my Korea trip like if I am still going.. I was like gosh no because the tickets were freaking expensive the last time I checked. Like around $900 for that concert period. FML.

She told me to just check again cuz who knows, there might be something. So I did.. And then it happened.


Return Ticket to Seoul in DECEMBER

Can you freaking believe this? Like I can't seriously I double checked it.

So I was like.....

I texted my friend in Korea to ask if she can get me concert tickets and within 30 min she said she has bought the tickets for me... So efficient~~~

That night I quickly booked the promo air tickets and TADA~~~~ I am going Seoul~~~ tralalala~~

And then my colleague was tempted and she has decided to go with me kekeke~ OMG it's going to be SO FUN...

But.. it's going to be winter, I freaking hate winters!!! My skin is gonna crack again!!!

BUT Anything for SJ, ANYTHING.

So now that everything is booked, it's time to celebrate!!!

And this... is what I am going for~~ SMTOWN WEEK. That said, it is actually a stretch of concerts for that whole week. From Girl's Gen to TVXQ to SJ... So I expect that week to be jam packed in Seoul with fans from all over the place...

And this post cannot end without photos of my beautiful boys. ^^ 

 Love me, Love my boys. :D

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