Sunday, May 12, 2013

Super Show 5

I realized that I talked a lot about my Korea trip but I didn't talk about the concert. I will write a short entry on this one! Since it's my first SS, my glorious SS, I will have to write something about.

Super Show 5, in a nutshell, is the awesomest, coolest, craziest, funniest concert I ever been to. I haven't been to many, just Shinee World, SMTown, Ekin's and Lee Hom's one before but I have seen other concerts on DVDs. I love Ekin's concerts, don't be mistaken because all his songs are so nice and  I can sing along.

Unfortunately, I think SS5 isn't as cool as SS4 which is a shame :( I didn't attend SS4. Sigh... SS4 I think was the best SS so far. Nonetheless, SS5 is still the coolest concert which I attended. :D


1) Because I attended it in Seoul.

Not because of the fact that I flew there for it but for the reason that usually the home ground concert is the best. They designed and planned the concert according to the venue in Seoul and the stage there. They will also have more rehearsals and more time to prepare the stage there.

2) Awesome 3D effects

The 3D effects were amazing!!! I wasn't even wearing those 3D glasses but the effects were really good even though I watched it through naked eyes. The boys said it's the first time this technology was used and they used 12 projectors to create that effect on that big screen. I love it, so much!

I was like O.O when I saw it on first night. Here it is:

So damn awesome right???

3) Sexy dancing

Many people said that SS5 is like soft porn. Too much sexiness. LOL... Is sexiness ever too much?

Let me show you mild sexiness first, progress slowly so your heart can take it.

Oh my god, Look at them!!! Especially that Sungmin during that nappeun nappeun part... I want to kill somebody already....

Medium sexiness, Club No.1...

Too much touchy!! Many girls were like... nooo.. don't touch my husband!!!!! Hahaha....

Last one, major sexiness with ovary explosion, you will get pregnant by just watching the video. XD

And the comments that fans posted:
OH GOD! donghae! eunhyuk! *nosebleed
yeah i think i'm pregnant too ._.      

Oh god.. i think i am pregnant. 
4) Get super high!
Throughout the concert you just feel high. I can't describe that high feeling, it's like going clubbing for the clubbers I think. All the fans just got very high even without alcohol. They were shaking heads, dancing along....
Especially during Rockstar. Everyone was highest to the peak.
Everyone got so hyper that in one of the SA tour destination, forgot which country, 147 fans fainted! It is the highest number ever for a concert. Even the medics there were surprised with this high number of fainted fans. :P SJ is full of hotness... that makes you breathless
5) It makes you laugh till stomachache
This is the cross-dress part. Cross dressing is like a tradition for SS. Every Super Show there will be a cross-dress segment. This year's one almost got scrap because they found it so difficult. In the end they managed to pull it off and made us all laugh. You may think it's stupid but they really just want to make us laugh. All of them were awkward, only sungmin managed to pull it off... sexily... XD
Then there is this dreaming hero part where each of them dressed up as a super hero... except Kyu, he dressed as a evil guy. LOL
So cuuuuuuuuuuutttttteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~!!!!!!!!!!!
6) It makes you cry...
It was Yesung's last concert.  T.T  so he was really really very sad and he couldn't bear to leave the stage. His last look, I will never forget... how he look at us like telling us not to forget him... And Ryeowook tried to cheer him up with a clown dance but he just can't...
So it was like a roller coaster event for me. Up and down we go. Many people don't understand this but this sort of emotional satisfaction cannot be bought with money!
Some people comment that Super Show is like a super size clubbing session for ELF and I agree. :D
Attend a Super Show if you have a chance! You have to!!!!

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