Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Chaotic Fandom

Recently, our ELFdom has been chaotic. Really chaotic and it all started from a petition from some crazy fans who has got nothing else better to do. That petition is super long and basically it's telling SM to kick Henry and Zhoumi out of Super Junior.

All along I know that Only13 exists but they have never really made any noise until SS5 happened. Before I go on, let me describe a little about this chaotic fandom.

First of all, ELFdom is split into 3 groups.

1) The Only13
Only13 are the fans who only want the original line of Super Junior. They do not want anyone else to join the line up. To them, SJ is forever 13. They will only support 13 members and basically just ignore HenMi (Henry and Zhoumi).

The 13 members

2) The Only15/Forever15
The Forever15 believe that HenMi have worked hard and deserve to be in the main group. HenMi for your info is currently only active in SJ-M activities. They do not do activities with SJ. SJ-M is made up of 6 members from the core group (SJ) + Henmi.

3) The 13+2
This group of people likes HenMi but doesn't  want them to be in the main group.

This petition has been going around for sometime since 2 weeks ago I think and they have about 5000 signatures. They intended to submit it to SJ's company, SM, to get them to clarify that HenMi are 'GUESTS' and they don't belong to SJ. Also they don't want Henry to use SAPPHIRE BLUE as his solo activities official colour. And they even said that they don't want to see HenMi perform so much in SS5. SJ has said before that they feel that HenMi have been neglected for too long and they felt heart pain to see them peform 2/3 songs in a concert then just sit in the waiting room. HenMi have a desire to perform too. And so this time SS5, SJ has increased the number of songs for HenMi to take part in.

This angered the Only13s the most because to them, Henmi are guests, they said that they didn't pay to see the 'guests' perform.

Eunhyuk already said in the Line interview that HenMi's participation in SS5 was decided by themselves, the SJ members themselves. So these people who complained are basically slapping SJ on their faces. 

Also, Henmi have been suffering silently for 5 years, they have less activities than SJ, they make less than SJ. They are less known than SJ. But why should they suffer like that when they have the talent? A number of SJ's songs are composed by Henry too and Zhoumi wrote the chinese lyrics for their songs. It's just pure blind hate. Just because you  看不顺眼 them, you want them to die, you want them to be kicked out. This is just to satisfy your own desire. It is not for the good of SJ.

If you tell me that SJ doesn't love HenMi then I can tell you it's time you leave the fandom.

SJ love Henmi to bits and this is why they felt heart pain to see them wait so long in the waiting room. When Ryeowook tweeted and changed his dp to Henry, you guys bashed him, said unkind thigns to him, made him upset that he changed his dp 3 times. Is this how you love your idol? Is this how you support him? Nobody ask you to like HenMi but we are just asking for a little bit of respect here. They are humans like you too.

My stand is simple here. As long as SJ thinks that what they do now makes them happy, then by all means go ahead. If they think making HenMi, their official members makes them happy, then do it. If they want HenMi to just be in SJM, I am happy too because I know they want the best for them.

Sincerely, I don't wish for HenMi to be in SJ now though.... because  I am sick of those irrational ELF who called themselves ELF  but hurt SJ and do things that SJ doesn't want us to do. SJ doesn't like this kind of fans and I don't want Henmi to get more hate by joining SJ, they deserve better.

That's a long rant omg but its not over.

Then came SS5 which I was looking forward to so much. 

At the end of the concert when the lights came on and the fans are leaving the stadium, Eunhyuk suddenly walked out on stage. It was a surprised, everyone was surprised because it has never happened before. Even the microphone was switched off.

He came back on because he has heard about our fandom split and he felt the need to address it. This is Eunhyuk, the man who is shy and afraid of having confrontation. He is now picking up all the courage he has in him to speak to us.

Here is the transcript of what he said:

I came back to say something I hope every fans here listen together.. To be honest, these days.. i felt sad and my heart ached.. because our Super Junior`s fans ELF… between fans.. i saw many bad sides these days.. and thought Someone should talk about this.. so I… came up on this stage to talk…

Firstly, Zhou Mi and Henry are not official Super Junior members, but Zhou Mi and Henry are official members of Super Junior M. And we … Henry and Zhou Mi as Super Junior M members, are important, and we`ve spent a long time together with them. We have a close friendship with them, and support them like they are family members. There won`t be any change with their positions nor will they promote with Super Junior. They won`t participate in Super Junior`s albums, nor take photos with us for Super Show posters. They will not have official promotions with Super Junior. I hope you all won`t misunderstand. We just… those two… we truely support them; I hope there aren`t any more misunderstandings.

I think this talk started at last Super Show, when they stood with us for Super Junior stages. That did not have a different meaning. Doing Super Shows with them, and watching them wait for hours in the waiting room after performing only 3-4 songs made us sad. And knowing that they want to stand with us on stage instead of feeling lonely, we thought it`d be nice to bring them up for not all Super Junior stages but ones we.interact with fans. so we brought them up. We hope you all wil have same feelings as us, and look at them with warm hearts, and cheer for them. They will not become official Super Junior members. I hope you support them as Super Junior M members. Singapore ELF, sorry to talk about this here. I hope you will all leave safely. Thank you

 Here is the subbed video..

Eunhyuk already said it, HenMi are like their family members.

Anyway I still hear crap like if only Leeteuk is here, this won't happen blah blah blah.... I think Leeteuk will do the exact same thing as Eunhyuk. Why don't people get it. Leeteuk himself has said it many times, let's refresh your memory.

Remember those chants from before? You can’t do that anymore. You need to love Henry and Zhou Mi too.

Leeteuk asked fans to change the fanchant and asked HenMi to listen to the new fanchant. What does this say? This says that Leeteuk DOESN'T want the Only13 fanchant so please stfu.

What about the 2nd eldest member? What did he say about this?

Kim Heechul said: If you don’t support the 15 of us, what kind of ELF are you?

And Siwon told ELF to shut up when those rude people chanted 'Hangeng' while Zhoumi was talking.

You can see in the video below that Siwon was pissed and the members all black face when the fans were being so rude. And Cinderella was consoling Mi... Look at HenMi, they look so sad.

When Siwon behaves like this, you know he is really angry....

Anyway.... I dunno why some delusional haters still insist that SJ members DON'T want HenMi to be with them or perform with them. They still think that SJ reject HenMi.

So delusional I can't even....

Here is Henry's heart breaking message he posted on Baidu.

Dear all,I really don’t understand. Aren’t people supposed to care and to protect what is their own? We speak the same language, eat the same food, have the same customs and yet we are not welcome in our own country to perform. All we want to do is to express ourselves through performing and music but how can we do this when there is so much hate? Don’t you find it funny how we can perform in every other country without any problems except for our own home country? I I left my friends, family, and everything else back in Canada to pursue a dream all alone here in Asia. As a result, I have been hated ever since I first debuted in Korea in 2006 from fans. What more do you want from me? How do you think I or we both feel every time we go up on stage knowing people will be screaming for us to get off? I’ve tried to laugh it off for far too long now and can’t hold it in anymore. Just to let you know…we have feelings too. I will continue to work my hardest to bring the best performances for you all but today I’d just like to let you know a little about how I feel in the inside. I’m almost all out of breathe.
qinxian1 men…
mitang2 men…
xiexie nimen3
Thank you so much
I hope you all understand what I’m feeling.

End of my long rant, I just need to get this out of me.

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