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SS5 Backstage Tour

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So after spending USD559 on the global package, I get a few freebies from it. Of course I should cuz it's hella expensive!

One of the best perks I got from the package was the backstage tour for SS5! And I did my backstage tour on 24 Mar which is in my opinion, very good! Because I have already seen the concert on 23 March and when I return on 24 March, all the hype and memorie from the night before started flowing back. :D

A coach came and picked us up to the venue. We entered through the back door and while walking pass a corridor, we saw a autographed SS3 poster~! :D

Then the tour guide brough us into Moshpit C where there were standees of all the SJ members. <3>

So I took pictures with every single standee.. Kekeke but I accidentally knocked down Donghae's standee! Mianhae! What a klutz.

Kangin's standee is so handsome!

The stage that my SJ performed on the night before~

So this was the only area that we were allowed to take pictures. After that we went up onto the stage and we were not allowed to take pics. ON THE STAGE!!! OH MY GOD! I stood on the same stage as SJ! I can't believe it. >.< So we were brought up to the stage and when I walked along that center stage, all I can think of was how they performed on it before and I looked at the audience seats and moshpits from there imagining how beautiful the blue ocean must be! :D

Then the tour guide took a group photo of all of us on the center stage.

Our photo on the center stage!!! Just let me...


Ok I feel better now...

Gae sok  gae sok.. (dunno how to spell this but Heechul always say this in Sungdong cafe. :P)

So after taking the group picture, we walked towards the main stage and then down the stairs at the side of the main stage. I totally imagined that I am SJ walking to the dressing room after a song.

Walked down the stairs and into a room at the back of the main stage.


I almot died of heart attack.

In the not so big waiting room, There were like 7 or 8 dressing tables only. The room wasn't very big so I guess the boys have to share those dressing tables? The first table on theright had a pink Hello Kitty fan on it. So I was guessing..... Sungmin's table???

Then moving down, the rest of the desk had normal stuff like hair gel, hairdryer, bags of clothes. combs. There were lots of stuff but still neat. Then on the other side, there was a table FULL of snacks. They have cookies, pocky, chocolates and drink mixes like chocolate and coffee etc. There were just so much snacks. LOL....

In the middle of the room is a big red table where I guess they will have their meals or chit chat. I can totally imagine them sitting around it and chit chatting during their breaks. We were then told to leave our handwritten notes on that red table so when SJ comes in later, they will read it.

>.< I hope SJ reads my note....

Here it is:

I wanted to write something very serious about how much I love them but I ended up writing nonsense. LOL...

So after the waiting room tour, we exited the stadium.

Behind this door and the postered glass was where SJ had their press conference. We walked passed that press con area but of course it hasn't started yet and no one was there.

Thought the whole backstage tour took only like 15 minutes, I am happy already. Being able to stand on SS5's stage and going into the waiting room was good enough. :)

Saranghaeyo Super Junior~

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