Tuesday, December 03, 2013


I have no idea since when... all the hokkien opera performances are coming in so close together. Like WHY?

We just did one on 23 Nov and the next is on 7 Dec and the next is on 23 Dec. Thank god I am not taking part in the 23 Dec one but I can just imagine those who are. It's too close together and it's suffocating. Practices, rehearsals take up so much time. Like 3 days a week? And then when we are not in rehearsals, we have to memorize script at home. So it's like more than 3 days a week already. And then during days when I don't memorize script or have rehearsals, I have to do photo editing for my troupe.

People may think it's selfish that I don't wanna contribute to the troupe because I don't want to do 'extra work'. But opera is just one of my hobbies. It's not my everything. It's just ONE of my millions of hobbies.

Unlike many others whom opera is their only hobby, they can spend all their free time on it.

With all these, it's almost impossible to have personal time to do things I like or spend time on other hobbies.

And this is the main reason why I am stopping after 7 Dec show. It's tiring. I am sick of memorizing script and practicing.

It's too physically and mentally draining...

I am so looking forward to my break...

but unfortunately, I still have to go Taiwan to perform in Jan. So after 7 Dec, I will still need to do this one overseas performance before I can officially wash my hands off.


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