Tuesday, April 23, 2013

My ELF Journey

How I became ELF

I was introduced to SJ's Sorry Sorry in 2009 by a friend. She showed me on a phone and told me that this song is super popular. And the kids in my association were kinda obssessed with with song. My reaction was

Why would a band need so many people? So redundant.. Pfft... Most probably only some are good and some members are extra.

Then whenever this friend who introduced me to Sorry Sorry (Yayi) goes to ktv with me, she will insist that I dance the dan-dan-dan-dan part with her. So it became a habit that we always dance to that part of the song in ktv and this song sort of caught on to me but still, the number of members put me off. LOL.. Like I am so lazy to remember their faces so....

Then in 2010, I noticed SJ-M. I forgot how I came to notice this sub-group, maybe because I was watching 100% Entertainment randomly (I thought Show Luo is funny) and then I saw this episode:

Hey, they are the Sorry Sorry people! LOL.. Ok, they are kind of funny. And then they performed this:

My head goes 'Oh my super girl, ni shi wo de baby girl' for like 2 or 3 weeks. I got so addicted. I fell in love with Super Girl and I thought Siwon is really handsome. I didn't find him handsome in Sorry Sorry for some reason but he attracted me in 100% Entertainment. Then I saw Hangeng, whom took my attention away from Siwon because he speaks Chinese and I can understand him. As much as I thought Siwon is handsome, I couldn't understand him. And then Hangeng revealed in the show that he graduated from a traditional dance school and that piqued my interest because I am interested in such stuff.

But after watching a few more eps of 100%, my interest for SJ died though I have already remembered all the names of SJM members. (I remember how much I laughed at the fan girls who collected the balls that SJ threw from the stage of SS3 in that 100% ep.. I guess it's my karma -_-)

Then came mid 2011 and I got into my current job. I was keying some data from a k-pop album, forgot which album it was but the album reminded me about SJM. I was curious of what all the hype was about. From my friend who intro me to Sorry Sorry to those girls collecting balls in the concerts... So I youtubed them again and looked for their title tracks with MVs. I came across Bonamana and No Other. I was hooked on No Other. LOL.. Then later on I found Opera which I fell heavily in love with.

I can't stop listening to Opera but I wouldn't call myself ELF yet because I only listen to their songs. I know nothing about them. I only know the SJM members. :D
Then this movie appeared, I had to watch it because it was about opera and it's hangeng..

After this movie, I started watching some variety shows of SJ and read up about them on wikipedia. I think by June 2012, I finally admitted that I have become an ELF because I can no longer stop watching SJ. LOL... But strangely I didn't notice the comeback teasers of SFS, maybe because I was new and I didn't know what was happening until the full SFS MV came out.

That was during the time when I went to Penang with May Teng and we shared a room. She couldn't stand me watching the MV and the SFS performances over and over again,
Then in August, I found out about Leeteuk's enlistment (I became an Angel for awhile during this period) and that the SMTown in Jakarta was probably the last time I will ever see Leeteuk, so I took the sudden decision to just fly there for SMTown, shocking everyone around me. XD

It was all meant to be. I pushed away the opportunity to become ELF so many times but in the end I still become one.

I never looked back since and I never regretted my decision. :D I wish that I had become one sooner though then I wouldn't have missed out so many things. OTL Nothing can cover my loss... OTL OTL OTL

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