Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Going TOKYO~~~~

I think I am really crazy.. Really really crazy....

So here is the story, right from the beginning.

First, I got an urgent call from SL 2 weeks ago, it was on a Wednesday. And they asked me if I am able to go to Japan in August. They said that they have got this project to perform in 4 countries in November. One of the countries is Singapore, the other 3 are Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia. Which means 1 country per weekend in Nov. I can't go for all of them and neither can Ruwang teacher so SL asked if I can do 2 of them in Nov, I said it should be ok. So they told me they will need to send me to Japan for 1 week training in Aug if I agree to the performance. So I told them ok.

So on Thursday evening during dinner, I told my father that I am going with SL to Japan in August. He didn't say anything.

Then I went to Ang's house to learn my songs.

So I was learning my songs and then my phone said 'katok'. I looked at my Kakaotalk and saw this.

I was very excited because it was my plan actually to go to Tokyo Dome next year but I wasn't sure if I can get tickets next year because it is very very extremely hard to get tickets. Japan's Super Junior fanclub is 98,000 members! 98 freaking thousands members and that will mean if they all go to the concert, it will be more than 2 full house nights in Tokyo Dome which accomdoates 40,000 audiences. So imagine, the fanclub has priority to buy tickets and if they are all going, we don't have a chance at all.

So I thought this is my GOLDEN chance but I was at Ang's house I can't reply or check anything yet. The next day, I applied my leave. Then at home on Friday evening during dinner, I told my father again, I am going Japan.

My father: You said the same thing at this same time yesterday, how many times you want to tell me??
Me: Muahahaha...
My Mum: It's different, yesterday that one she told you, she don't have to pay for it. Today this one she is going to pay by herself.
My father: Super Junior again is it???
Me: Yeah~~~

I think they both shake heads in their minds.

Tokyo Dome is the dream of many ELF. Though some friends told me I can't see anything in Tokyo Dome because it's too damn bloody big. I know that actually but I have seen them close up in Seoul and in Singapore le. In Tokyo, it's to feel the atmosphere, swim in the sapphire blue ocean.

The 40,000 audience Tokyo Dome.

So I will be leaving on 26 July, right after my performance. LOL~~~ XD

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