Sunday, November 07, 2010

Shopping with Amai

Some people find it odd that me and Amai went shopping together but to think of it, it's not that odd is it? I mean I have known her for quite some time already just that we didn't use to meet up often. And now that there is a catalyst between us, that is FM, we got to meet up more often. I get to know more about her and her personality.

So yah, we went shopping at Bugis yesterday which was arranged last week. FM wanted to join us but poor girl, has to work like a cow and when she reached Bugis, her boss actually called her and tell her to return to the office to do some more work! How ridiculous is that? I cannot imagine such a boss. Damn stingy and make use of foreigners. I felt quite sad for FM, I mean I am not the kind to stand this type of nonsensical boss. I would have thrown in my letter long ago.

So in the end, it's only me and Amai shopping. We went to Bugis then went to Bugis Village. There were some really nice stuff in Bugis village that I was tempted to buy but I have to control! Because I am not working and my new venture probably won't take off for the first few months. I must be prepared.

Amai on the other hand did find things she likes and bought some stuff too. It's a great feeling to have bought something cheap and nice. I mean for me, I will feel good and happy with my purchase.

Heh, Amai took these pictures for me. She didn't take any pictures of herself tho.. And she said that her camera very good, cuz cannot see my pimples! Hhaha, yah cuz the pictures are not razor sharp. Too good a camera is not good for me cuz can see very single zit and pimple on my face.

Then we went to Iluma to see the Harry Potter exhibit. FM is a great Harry Potter fan and she wanted to see this exhibit so much. I didn't know that she is a fan too but the Harry Potter series is really a fantastic one. The story just totally suck you into it like you are part of it.

Nowhere is safe, but I seems very happy to be hiding there.

I like this photo! LOL, it looks like Voldemort is pointing his wand at my head! And it says the Hunt Begins so I am being hunted! LOL......

Poor FM didn't get to join us and she reached home at 9+pm. So poor thing right. It was a Saturday sia!

Friends are friends, simple. There is no need to think too much or try to find out what we are up to! LOL, cuz we are not up to anything. We just found out that we are suitable shopping partners so we met up and shop together. It doesn't mean anything at all.

Life is short. Live it!


amai said...

"Nowhere is safe", let watch together!!! (LOL)

Odd???? Mmmmmmm...Wahahahahaha~~~

Maybe we are from different troupes. Remember Teacher Hong's comment??? She commented that why we shopped together at PS the other day and we are from different troupes.

Hahahaha~~~ by default, people from the same troupe come together, gather together, celebrate occasions or go to tour together.. However there are exceptions...especially I am a lone ranger, just don't fit into most of the time, I just in and out...I just don't fit in a jigsaw puzzle that is already completed. Why need an extra piece since the puzzle is already completed, the extra piece would make it look bad, don't you agree?

Initially I did feel neglected and miserable... cos I didn't understand why I was excluded for certain occasions. It is part of growing up... You might understand this kind of feeling unless you are the popular cheerleader in high school. I definitely a prim Jane yozz. ;P

No one owes me anything and people have the right to choose who they want to be with. ;P

I have friends ,thou not many, who would want to come together and have fun. Good friends hard to come by, must treasure them and you won't live to regret it.

It is nice shopping with you. ;P

Especially we share some similar targets and we learn to know more about each other. We can exchange feedback and think sensibly before spending. ;P

The Hunt begins...

Shall we hunt for good shows?

Next time we watch Takarazuka, I will be very excited to share my happiness and excitement with you.

I want to show you my favourite Tartan!!!! ;P

amai said...

You want some sharp pictures? Next time ask FM to take with her phone. LOL

Miko said...

Yah, Ang was very funny that day and I remember her surprised face! Classic! LOL.

I think everyone goes through that lonely and neglected phase but it's just a phase and it will be over. Look around and make more friends outside opera or outside KH. I always feel the need to find more friends outside COI too. There are so many things to learn, so many people to get to know.

I had fun also, playing that Taiko with you! LOL, it was so funny and that Mario kart! I think you look cute with that little moustache!

Ang is coming back soon so we can only meet on Saturdays after she is back.

I want to see your taka and I will share your excitement of Tartan with you. But I will also share FM's excitement of the other actress.. dunno her name. :P

Yes yes, we must ask FM come and then take pictures of her too. Shane Song!

amai said...

Shang Song's favourite Taka star is Zunko. Wahahahahaha

Miko said...

yes yes zunko. I will share her happiness of Zunko with her also~ Hee hee~

Kongming said...

tat photo from little match girl?

amai said...

MD: Wow your eyes so sharp yozz!

U brought your gf to shop yozz?

Anonymous said...

Agree! Who says same troupe must come together and different troupe cannot come together?! Haha, guess Ang is not used to.. But actually its not unusual = ) xj

Anonymous said...

Agree, world is so big. Should not contain our life to just opera. still have families, relatives, office friends, school time friends etc =)

Haha... didnt get to see Ang de facial expression - but must be very funny. guess she is not used to.. but actually its not unusual lah = )

Must throw away the myth that same troupe must come together and different troupe cannot mix together =)