Sunday, November 28, 2010

Lost in Carpark

A friend of mine came to look for me today. He called me and told me that he has reached my home but he cannot find his car. I asked him how come? He told me that he parked his car and then went Sheng Siong to buy something. When he came back, he couldn't find it. He asked me to help him find.

So I went downstairs and asked him if he already checked the stretch of carpark directly in front of my place. He said he did and he has already walked that stretch 4 times at least but couldn't find his car. So I told him maybe it is at the carpark on the other side of my block but he told me that he has also checked that side and couldn't find it.

He was so worried that his car might be stolen with his laptop inside. I told him not to worry. I don't think anyone will steal his car at broad daylight. I asked him which direction he walked when he went to Sheng Siong. He told me the direction and then said that he felt he has walked quite far today than usual. I told him in that case he probably parked at another block that is further down the street.

He agreed, chances very high. So we walked to the other blocks.

Finally, we reached block 531 (I am staying at 538) and found his car safely parked there. He was so relieved to find his car! And I find it so funny that he actually didn't realised that he has parked so far away from my place even after getting off his car and walking to sheng siong. LOL.

He said that such things happens often to him and he forgive himself for being blur. Hahaha.. I find it very funny lor. I am so happy that I am borned with a not bad sense of direction... At least I don't get lost easily.

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