Sunday, November 07, 2010

Ah Gu Bday

We celebrated Ah gu's bday some time ago. Ah Gu is still ah gu. She is still as cow as ever. Very attitude and unfrenly! LOL

And that day for the first time, I saw Bala and his wife. :P

Her name is Cindy. Bala is as usual, kping alot about the food, the drinks, the place.. everything that he can complain, he complained.

Recently YH has a rule, she doesn't want me to blog her photos anymore. There isn't any actual reason. She just doesn't want people to know what she is doing and doesn't want ppl to know how she looks like. Very lame. So I didn't take any photos of her but I took one of her hand. Yep, holding the fishball.

May was very busy that night, taking care of EVERYTHING. Her father, her brother, her sister, her everyone will be calling her every 5 minutes. MAY MAY MAY!! Like that.

Very jialat. She didn't get to take a break or sit down with us to talk. When she talked to us for like 5 minutes, her someone will call her, MAY! She didn't get to eat much also. Then finally when she was eating, Cow was at the table with us carried by her brother. May cannot let Cow see her because if Cow see her then she will want May to carry her. Then May cannot eat again.

So May was eating, back facing us.

As you can see, May's brother was carrying Cow while May was eating back facing them. It's silly lah anyway. I mean you think cow cannot recognise your back meh? It's so obvious lor. Like she dunno. I think she just give u face only.

Cow is finally 1 year old! But she is still so small. Like that how to be xiaosheng when she grows up??

Cow's first bday.....


Anonymous said...

DUn be stupid lar mk. Cow will nt be xiaosheng. La.. Hua dan mayb.. Yh

Miko said...

not i say she will be xiaosheng one lor.. is her mother say one!